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What can I say…I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. Chrissy, one of my oldest, dearest, bestest friends is getting married. You know those friends who you really root for…the ones you KNOW deserve someone incredible, wonderful and amazing but seem to be taking a while to find them? That’s Chrissy. She is just a fantastic person inside and out and I’ve always known that once the right guy comes along it would be magic. A match made in heaven. Two peas in a pod. 😉


Enter Steve. Steve isn’t someone I’ve known for years, but after meeting him for the first time earlier this year my husband and I were actually excited about having met him. His personality was warm, easy going and made you feel like you’d known him forever. I even went so far as to send a text message to Chrissy after they left our house that day warning her that if they ever broke up, there’d be serious trouble. 😉 I knew that Chrissy had found the one. I was giddy with excitement for her. Steve was worth waiting for, and Chrissy the same for Steve. I get goosebumps just typing that. I’m just genuinely happy to see such a perfect couple and to see two people so incredibly happy together. I look forward to seeing them experience all of the wonderful things that marriage brings.


In June 2013 Chrissy and Steve will be getting married in Cornwall, Ontario and I will be there to document the entire day! When presented with the option to be in the wedding party vs. photograph the wedding I knew I had a lot of soul searching to do. I wanted so badly to be able to do both. In the end I knew that being able to document their special day was the best gift I could give them. I can’t wait to be a part of the magic – even if it’s behind the scenes. 😉


Chrissy and Steve – this is just the beginning! I am very excited for the year of amazingness ahead!!


With only a couple of available dates left in August I am now booking Family Sessions and Headshots Sessions for September! If you would like to have your family photographed by Danielle Lynn Photography this Fall, please don’t wait as I am booking much faster than anticipated this year! Contact me today! 


7 thoughts on “Ottawa Engagement Photographer :: Two Peas in a Pod

  1. Chrissy

    The pictures are unbelievable!! LOVE them!! You did a fantastic job!! Couldn’t be happier with them!
    Thank you for the lovely comments too!!
    Your the best!!

  2. Lee-Ann

    Simply Beautiful. They are perfect for each other.And for the record reading your blog made my cry.

  3. Kari

    What beautiful pictures, Danielle you are a wonderful photographer. Your epilogue was very hearfelt and loving, you can see the love that Chrissy and Steve have for each other and the love that you have for them shows in each picture.

  4. Cathy

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Chrissy…I could not be happier for you. The love is so obvious in the pics. Your friends write up is a true testimony of a good friend!! Well done!

  5. Eileen

    Congrats on the engagement Chrissy and Steve, and for choosing the best photographer to record your engagement and wedding, you could not do any better, as always only the best from Danielle, love all of the pictures, can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. The title of Two Peas in a Pod certainly does fit you guys!!! Continued good luck to you both!!!

  6. melissa

    wow let me just say wow I LOVE THE PHOTOS you look beautiful, im so happy for both of you the pictures are fantastic. 🙂

  7. Claire McNamara

    Right from the beginning I had a beautiful feeling about my little friend Chrissy, she is kind & she wears a smile very nicely. Steve is a very lucky man & I might add Chrissy is a very lucky lady, you make a beautiful couple. Looking at your pictures I see nothing but bright shining eyes full of happiness. I wish you both the best.

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