Top 5 reasons that winter sessions ROCK! ~ Ottawa Family Photographer

As an Ottawa Family Photographer, I am grateful to live in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. On top of our (usually) fairly manageable winter weather, we are also lucky to have so many picturesque places like the parliament buildings, the Rideau Canal, the Agricultural Museum as well as Gatineau Park and the Byward Market. These locations are beautiful year round…but did you know that they all become extra magical during the winter? True story. 🙂
This year, I really want to show all of my readers what an amazing time of year it is for family photos. Because believe it or not, this time of year seems to be overlooked…and this needs to change! So I’ve compiled “Danielle Lynn Photography’s Top Five Reasons that Winter Sessions ROCK!” list. I hope that this post encourages families to really consider some of the unique advantages this season has to offer when it comes to outdoor (AND indoor!) family pictures!

1) Snow is magical! Whether its falling gracefully from the sky or is just blanketing the ground of one of our gorgeous Ottawa area parks, it can set the perfect scene for a beautiful ‘Winter Wonderland’ type of session! Imagine strolling through the park, hand-in-hand with the kiddos as snow falls delicately from the sky! Definitely a portrait that every family should have!

2) Activities and Sports! Build a snowman, go on a peaceful winter walk, have a snowball fight with the kids or go for a skate on the Rideau Canal! Winter is the perfect time to choose an activity to do as a family and to have me tag along to document your fun! I’ll bring the hot chocolate. 😉


This family LOVED winter sports and activities so an outdoor family photo session in January was the perfect thing for them!

3) The cold weather conditions are PERFECT for getting close and snuggly! Yes my friends! Embrace the cold weather, bundle up and use the opportunity to capture some beautiful, intimate portraits while you and your little snuggle bunnies (that means kids AND adults alike) keep each other toasty warm.

4) Winter fashion is far more awesome than most realize! Wool jackets, fun scarves, cute mittens, leg warmers, fashionable boots, vests, cute knitted hats – there are seriously SO many possibilities to coordinate some beautifully layered outfits. For my own family, I shop at places like Old Navy, The Gap, Gymboree and The Children’s Place. Or better yet, I LOVE scouring places like Value Village for unique, one-of-a-kind or vintage items! Oh…and don’t be afraid to wear a little colour this season too. Bright colours in winter = FABULOUS!


5) Okay, okay…so snow and cold is REALLY not your thing? Well…if I haven’t convinced you of the awesomeness of winter yet, an in-home family session is probably more of your thing. Winter is a great time for this because no matter how cold it is you can simply light the fire, curl up with your baby, hubby, fiance, kids or pets. Of course, these in-home sessions can happen year round, but they especially rock in winter because there’s no better time to get cozy with the ones you love. 🙂


To book your in-home or outdoor family session with Ottawa Family Photographer Danielle Lynn Photography, please fill out the contact form! I look forward to photographing you in however you would like to take advantage of this wonderful season!