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Fresh start? Fresh headshots SALE!

Life sometimes throws us for a loop, doesn’t it? I know that many aspects of my own life have changed recently as a result of COVID-19 and from conversations with some of my recent clients, theirs have too. In a few cases, this has meant a new beginning. Starting fresh, looking for a new direction in their career, business and even personal life.

It’s for this reason that I wanted to offer a bit of a discount on my personal branding headshot sessions from now until the end of August. For only $150 you’ll receive a 30-45 minute session and your choice of 6 digital files for your personal and professional use. These images are the perfect way to re-introduce yourself if looking for a new start, or a great way to refresh your online image and personal brand after such a long break.

To reserve your date, please get in touch via email at: or via the contact form found here.

Ottawa Photographer :: Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition 2012!

Phew! Firstly I want to apologize for my lack of blogging this week and last week! I have found in past years that winters tend to be slow for me…but this winter has been anything but! TONS of headshot sessions happening, and what seems like a continually growing back-log of posts I hope to get up here in the coming days. Please bare with me!

As I mentioned a few times on my Facebook page, I am SO pleased to share with you all that I was asked to be the official photographer for the Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition once again this year. For those who are reading that aren’t familiar with this event, the way it works is that this fantastic team of Interior Designers donates their time, work and skills to make a space better for an organization in need during Kindness Week in Ottawa. Last year these ladies worked hard to re-decorate the Good Companions Centre, and this year they re-decorated the Foster Farm Family Homework Club. This small homework club located in Ottawa’s west end is a vital part of this small community within our city. It services many of the local children and teens who come here for help with their homework and to use the internet after school. When these ladies told me that this year they would be working with this club I was super excited. The kids and this community SO deserve this. And any opportunity I have to be a part of something good for Ottawa’s children and teens is extra special for me.

Although I think it goes without saying, these ladies rocked it out once again. Since this project started several days/weeks before I was able to come to the club I was not able to see what it was like before, but I have seen photos and let me tell you without exaggeration – it’s like night and day. You wouldn’t even believe it was the same place. Some incredibly kind donations were made by several Ottawa businesses and individuals for everything from school supplies to flooring to cabinetry to paint. And without these donations, this project simply wouldn’t have even been possible. Once again, I am in awe of the kind, good people of this city and the way they’ve come together to support this wonderful initiative. And to these Designers, I don’t even think I have the right words to describe their talent, hard work and dedication to making such a difference. They truly are an inspiration to me, and to many others I’m sure. Please take a moment to visit their websites and admire the fantastic work they do!

Sonya Kinkade Design

Lisa Goulet Design

JAX Decor and Design (Kelly James)

DH Design (Donna Hargrove)

Solace Interiors (Nicole Duguay)

Otta Decorate (Mary Anne van Gaal)

MODECOR (Maureen Coates)

Sarah Kidder Design

Thank you all so much again for having me out this year ladies! I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with you all again next year when you will be no doubt making a difference in the lives of people in our community for Kindness Week! 🙂

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It’s SPRING! ~ Ottawa Photographer

First of all – I know I’m a bad blogger! I’ve been so wrapped up in all of the excitement of Spring that I’ve completely forgotten to update the blog! Spring is an exciting time for me and my business. Its when the weather is nice and when most Ottawa folks tend to want to book family photos. This means its ‘brain storming’ season for me! Its when my brain goes into over-drive with all kinds of ideas and thoughts about upcoming sessions and sessions yet to be booked! In fact, I bought a new journal last week specifically for this reason. I want to be able to record my ideas, make prop lists etc. so that I’ll have something to refer back to through out the Spring, Summer and Fall. Looking forward to seeing some (if not all!) of those visions coming to life! And of course, sharing them all with you here!

To update everyone on my availability, I am currently booked through the month of May this year (wowzers!) and am now taking bookings for June and beyond (book NOW to reserve your Spring/Summer date!). May will be a busy month for me with the Graffiti Wall Mini Sessions (which I am SO EXCITED for!), a couple of regular sessions, as well as my daughter’s 4th birthday and a visit from a friend and fellow photographer Jen from Naturally Beautiful Photography in Brampton, Ontario! I imagine the blog will be hoppin’ in the coming weeks/months!

As for what we’ve been up to…we’re just enjoying the beauty of Spring! Spring is SO refreshing for me. I seem to just slump through winter every year. I dislike it more than almost anything. So when the sun finally starts to shine again, I’m THRILLED! The other day I took my girl to the park for a walk. She’s very much into collecting things at the moment. Rocks, sticks, pine cones – basically whatever she can find that will fit into her pocket and into a little box she keeps on her dresser. She calls this her “Beelection”. She can’t actually say the word Collection properly. And that’s perfectly fine with me. My baby is starting school in 6 short months…so I’m savoring the last little bits of baby-ness before they are gone forever.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather as much as we are! I’d love to hear how you and your family are making the most of it!


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