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Ottawa Birth Photographer :: Baby Kelela Aylen

On the morning of August 18th 2012 I received the phone call I had been anticipating – my birth photography client Cheryl had been feeling contractions and would be headed to the hospital! As the morning went on I grew anxious for the final call to be told that Cheryl had been admitted and that it was time! Shortly thereafter I was on my way to the hospital to photograph the birth of baby Kelela.


When I arrived I was greeted by Cheryl’s excited and anxious mom and cousin in the waiting room. The anticipation in the air was tangible. Being the first grandchild for Cheryl’s parents I could tell this day was monumental. To be in the presence of it was wonderful. Shortly after my arrival I was brought in to see Cheryl. Things progressed slowly at first so we had the opportunity to chat a little and I was able to document some of the details and smaller moments. As the day went on and things progressed we saw a few of Cheryl’s family and friends coming in to hold her hand and offer encouragement (I was told there was quite the turn out of family members in the waiting room by the end of the day!). Two of her close friends remained for the majority of the time though, and what amazing friends they were. Truly. Their positivity and encouragement for Cheryl was inspiring and so beautiful to witness. Everyone deserves friends like these amazing women.


At 7:46pm baby Kelela entered the world at 6 pounds 15 ounces. She was perfect, healthy, beautiful and the most gorgeous head of dark hair! It was apparent from the moment that Cheryl and her family laid eyes on her that everyone was smitten. She is a little girl who is very clearly a treasure to her family. A little princess who is no doubt loved beyond measure.


Cheryl, Kelela, family and friends – I wish you all the happiest of days together as you welcome baby Kelela into your family. It was a privilege for me to be there as your Ottawa birth photographer and to document this miracle in your lives. I sincerely hope that these images will be ones that you hold close to your heart for a lifetime.


To inquire about having your own home or hospital birth photographed by Ottawa Birth Photographer – Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! I am currently booking births for Fall and Winter 2012 and would be honoured to document your baby’s birthday!

Ottawa Birth Photographer :: What My Clients Have to Say!

If you’ve been watching the news or are keeping informed on all things childbirth, I’m sure you’ve heard about the newest phenomenon of birth photography by now! As most of my readers know, I had the pleasure of photographing an AMAZING birth back in May and going forward, this is something am adding to my repertoire! Why? I LOVED the experience. Everything from the anxious anticipation of the birth itself to presenting the proud parents with their very own finished birth slide show…and everything in between! Birth photography tells a story. One of the most treasured stories of your life. A story that is very often forgotten or only remembered by a few select snap shots taken by a relative amidst all of the excitement. Having a birth photographer present to document your home or hospital birth changes your entire experience and memory of that time in very big way.


In working with Alicia’s family at the birth of baby Rohan, I saw this first hand. When I arrived it was the wee hours of the morning. Alicia had began labouring in the birthing tub. Shane was sitting behind her lovingly coaching her through. Alicia’s two sisters were tending to their nephew Elijah and both of Alicia’s midwives were busy coaching, encouraging and working hard to ensure everything happened peacefully and smoothly. Things were as they should be. As I tiptoed around and snapped away I wondered how they might remember this if I weren’t there. Maybe a few cell phone photos after the fact? It made me happy to know that I was able to be there for Alicia and her family. It made me realize how much I truly believe in this type of experience being documented. Sure, birth photos may not be the images you hang on your wall or keep in your wallet. But more than that, they are photos that you can keep close to your heart to reflect on for years to come. When you look back at some of the most intimate moments of your life, aren’t they some of your most treasured? I know that’s definitely the case for me.


Here’s what Alicia had to say after her experience with me (which I would like to say, made me so emotional after reading!)


“The birth of my first son was so life changing, but sadly I have very few pictures from that eventful day. In planning to do things a little differently the second time around with a home birth rather than a hospital birth, I knew I wanted quality photographs to document this momentous time in our lives. Not only was I impressed with Danielle’s previous work, I felt extremely comfortable in her presence and trusted her instincts and professionalism. With little time to spare during the quick birth, Danielle swept in that day and was merely a fly on the wall, however, you would never know that after seeing the quality of her photographs. The blissful look on my face as I birthed and held my son for the first time, the strength and support of my Husband, the calm prepardedness of my midwives, the happiness on both of our faces as my midwife announced “It’s a boy!”, and even my intense facial expressions during the last phase of my labour – these are the real memories, actions and feelings that I never want to forget. I am especially thankful for the many shots of my birth support team working behind the scenes that would have been missed otherwise. I tear up everytime I look at my photographs. I can’t get over how much emotion Danielle captured in such a short time frame. Birth is a miracle and I am forever grateful for these beautiful keepsakes. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your amazing talent with my family. If there are more children in our future I hope you’ll have your batteries charged and camera bag packed because I wouldn’t want to do it again without you!”


 To watch baby Rohan’s entire birth slideshow, click here!
Going forward I am looking forward to photographing more Ottawa births in the months to come! To inquire about my special introductory rates for 2012 births, please contact me today!


Baby Rohan Isaac :: Ottawa Birth Photography

*UPDATE: Read Alicia’s testimonial here!

I went to bed on the evening of Friday May 25th with a bit of a hunch. I was prepared for the birth of baby Rohan to happen at any time, but something about this evening specifically had me preparing my camera gear and charging my batteries in anticipation of getting the call. At approximately 1:30am I received a text from Alicia (the mama-to-be) letting me know that she was starting to have contractions. By about 4:30am on May 26th her sister had called to let me know that it was time for me to come. I flew out the door as fast as I could, drove to the Fagan home as quickly as possible, and much to my excitement, baby Rohan was born at 5:05am. And I can honestly say that even hours after his birth I had goosebumps. Alicia exuded strength, peace and confidence. Truly an inspiration. With the help of her lovely midwives Paula and Sarah from Ottawa South Midwives, she brought baby Rohan into the world in a way that was so very natural and beautiful. Just being there, watching them coach and encourage her brought a sense of peace and calmness over everyone.

I am very excited to announce that Birth Photography is something that I will be offering ongoing! I plan to take on a limited number of sessions per year and within the next week or so I will be updating the Danielle Lynn Photography website to include information about hiring me as your Ottawa birth photographer, pricing info and how to reach me to in order to discuss the possibility of having your own home or hospital birth professionally and tastefully photographed. I also plan to offer an introductory pricing for the first two clients to contact me about this opportunity so if this is something you’ve been considering, please do not wait to get in touch!

Alicia, Shane, Big Bother Elijah – it was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to photograph this amazing and monumental time in your lives. I wish you all the best as a family of four and I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family again in the future.