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Ottawa Children’s Photographer :: My Littlest Love

I can’t BELIEVE I had forgotten to blog these images. These are from LAST SUMMER. My beautiful, amazing little girl. Her bronzed, sun-kissed skin and her kooky sweet smile. Not much has changed since we took these photos. She’s gotten a little taller. A little funnier. A little sassier and definitely a whole lot smarter. It’s hard to believe that in a few short months she’ll be seven. Oh my heart hurts a bit to type that. SEVEN.

This summer I plan to update her photos as well as post a session with our son as well. Hopefully time won’t slip through my fingers as quickly next time! I need to make this kind of ‘heart work’ more of a priority. Both for my children’s sake, and so that my love for my art doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of every day life!

Ottawa Children's Photographer - Danielle Lynn Photo


Ottawa Kids Photography - Danielle Lynn Photography


Ottawa Child Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography


If you are an Ottawa area parent and are interested in having your family or child(ren) photographed by Ottawa’s Award Winning Children’s Photographer: Danielle Lynn Photography, contact me today! I am now booking spring family photo sessions and I would love the opportunity to work with your family this year!

Ottawa Children’s Photographer :: Taking Risks

One of the best things about photographing my own kids is that it’s one of the rare times I can be truly creative and experimental. I find that with client work I’m less inclined to take on-the-spot risks. It’s not that I never do, it’s just that with my kids I always feel more free to make mistakes since they aren’t exactly paying. 😉 I can shoot and shoot and shoot as many frames as I like. Some things will work, some will not, but that’s how I learn. And now that they are finally at an age where they actually enjoy letting me take photos, it makes it that much easier for me. Dare I say even fun sometimes 😉

I shot most of these indoor images using my 50mm 1.4 lens, which is not usually my lens of choice. I wanted these to have a very shallow depth of field though so I shot with the aperture wide open at 1.4 (the lower the aperture, the blurrier the background and the smaller the area in focus). Shooting this way, particularly with fast moving kids is usually not a good idea. And I’m not gonna lie…I came away from this experience with a number unusable shots since it’s extremely easy to miss your focus with a depth of field this shallow. What I love about these though is the fact that they represent a creative risk. In this case, it’s one that feel that it paid off because I’m happy with how the images came out. But even if they hadn’t, they still represent something that I see so few people actually doing in photography today. Taking risks, whatever they may be, and despite any imperfections, just putting it out there for the world to see. Generally speaking I live my life pretty safely (I really need to work on that ;)). But I’m glad I have an outlet like photography that let’s me step outside of myself every once in a while.

My kids love the library. So today we took some time out to just enjoy a couple of hours at our local branch. With the start of school less than a week away for my kids, we’re trying to squeeze as many day time activities in as possible! On our way back to the car I couldn’t resist snapping a few fun photos against the brick wall. It’s funny how you can walk by a place a million times and see absolutely nothing. But given the right moment/mood/day it can suddenly be inspiring. That’s definitely what happened here. 🙂

Hope everyone with kiddos are enjoying what’s left of summer! To book your family or children’s session with me, contact me today! It’s still only August but I literally only have a handful of dates left for September and October!




Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer :: Beauty in the Everyday

One of the biggest traps I think photographers can fall into these days is to only shoot what they think people want to see. I’ll admit, I really struggle with this. It’s one of my biggest struggles being in business as a professional photographer actually. It’s finding that balance between developing and showcasing my own creative voice, and creating an image that that people will hire me for. Sometimes they are the same thing…and sometimes they are not. I guess that’s the balance that anyone who creates for a living has to find. I feel very lucky to do what I do. But not always. I’ve turned something I really love into a source of income. I’ve opened up something to the public that’s very close to me. They now decide how much they think I’m worth by making the decision to hire me or not. As an artist, it can be hard not to take it personally. It’s hard not to let it effect my own sense of self worth. I celebrate the joys (and there are MANY), but that there are also a lot of lows. Especially in an industry that is so suddenly full “Professionals”. At first their existence really bothered me. How can I compete with people charging a fraction of what I do? Are they ruining our industry? And while I do have some of my own opinions on the subject, I am glad to be able to step back and take a look at the big picture. Thankfully these photographers do not, and cannot offer what I do. I am not a commodity. I am not an assembly line. My costs of running a legitimate, professional grade business are not low. The time I have with my children actually being children is fading day by day. And I enjoy so much more in my life than just photography. I want to have time for me. To grow as a person. To explore different creative avenues and to see the world through my own eyes, not always through my viewfinder. The more happy, fulfilled and well rounded I am as a person, the more this will benefit my clients. It’s win-win and I believe that whole heartedly.


On this ever-evolving photography adventure, I am really pushing myself creatively to start shooting in a more documentary way. This is hard for me. In many ways, this style of shooting forces me let go of some level of control. In my usual style I’ll give my clients/subjects at least some general direction on what to do. Documentary style photography means that I don’t have any of that! I just literally document what happens. It means thinking on the fly, reacting quickly and always keeping alert to what’s going on so as not to miss the exact moment that I want to press the shutter. As challenging as it is, it’s also very liberating! It feels good to just let go of all of my own ideas and to let things just naturally evolve the way they are going to. In many ways I still feel like I have a lot to learn about this style and all of it’s perfect imperfection. But I hope that the more work I put out into the world like this, the more people will see the beauty in the every day and in the details that are often overlooked in favour of getting that traditionally “perfect” photo.


These photos I captured while visiting my mom and siblings a few weekends back. My daughter and I took a little train ride adventure and spent a week in Bowmanville, Ontario where we had the opportunity to do TONS of neat stuff. One hot sunny evening when the light was just perfect, I pulled out my camera and grabbed a few a lot of photos of Zia and my 9 year old brother while they were having fun in the sprinkler. Here’s what happened. 🙂



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