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Winner of Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom! ~ Ottawa Photographer

Today is the day my friends!!! I am SO excited to announce the lucky Mom who’ll be receiving the HUGE prize package for Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom!!!

First and foremost I need to thank everyone who sent in nominations for Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom. I am not only incredibly touched and inspired by all of the stories of the women themselves who were nominated, but in addition to that, I was incredibly moved by the sheer number of wonderful friends and family who took the time to nominate a Mom who is inspirational to them. I can honestly say that I’ve come away from this experience feeling moved by each and every story I’ve read. They’ve inspired me to be a better Friend, Wife and Mother myself and for that I am grateful. On a very personal level – thank you.

Also, thank-you to the wonderful friends that I’ve made through Facebook and Twitter for helping promote Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom. You’ve all had a huge hand in making this a success with your kind hearts, willingness to share and Re-Tweet this to others! Such a fabulous community of some very awesome people.

Thirdly, HUGE thank-yous go out to the three other businesses who helped make this happen. Brookstreet Hotel, Chartreuse Industries and Swing Dynamite. To say I’m grateful for their generous contributions would be a huge understatement. When I connected with each of them to discuss the possibilities of doing a giveaway of this sort, each of them saw the value in what I was setting out to achieve and were very eager to become involved. That is what community is all about. So please consider checking out these amazing local businesses and all of the wonderful things they have to offer!!!

Danielle Lynn Photography……………………………….……………………………….


I’m pleased to announce the winner!!!

Danielle Lynn Photography

CONGRATULATIONS Alexandra!!! I’m very excited to meet you and your wonderful family!!!


Alexandra’s nomination was sent to me by a long-time friend Eva and her story touched me deeply.


I would like to introduce you to the poster girl for “Inspirational Mother”. Her name is Alexandra Awad and she lives in Westboro. I have known this amazing woman for over 15 year and her dedication and determination never ceases to amaze me. She is involved in the community, she is generous with her time, energy and money and always has smiles to spare.

While she was 8 months pregnant with her first child, her husband had a horrible accident which severed the nerves in his spinal cord, rendering one of his arms paralyzed and the remainder of his body in chronic, excrutiating pain. She lifted this 200 lbs man in and out of the bath for 2 months before she went into labour, at which point she drove herself to the hospital, as her loving husband is no longer able to drive. When her baby was 6 months, she went with her husband to Montreal for experimental surgery in order to attempt to re-attach the nerves in his neck.

Alex supported her husband through this ordeal, with a new baby and continues to do so, with unrelenting optimism and without her contagious smile fading from her lips. In these last five years since his accident, she had another little girl and gave birth to twins in December 2010. Despite her full plate, while pregnant with the twins and working full-time to support her family, as her husband in no longer able to, she found time to help organize our high school reunion. She is always there for her family and makes time for her friends. Even with her four little girls, she found time to send ME flowers on Valentines day…

She is truly an amazing mother and gives her all to those little girls and her family. I really wish I could do more for her than this… She is truly an amazing mother and inspirational human being!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who was kind and thoughtful enough to nominate a friend or family member for Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom. I hope that every single Mom has a fantastic Mother’s Day and is able to spend it with those they love.


Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom ~ Ottawa Family Photography

As both a Mom as well as an Ottawa Photographer, I feel like the luckiest gal alive. My job is wonderful, and my clients even more-so. I get to do exactly what I love AND I get paid to do it. What could be more fulfilling than that? When I started out in this industry there were a number of things I told myself I really wanted to make part of my business. One of those things was being able to give back to my community when possible. And being that Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for one Ottawa Mom to really get something amazing. Something she REALLY deserves. Little did I know the amazing things that lay ahead…

I am not exaggerating when I say that Ottawa has some of the most wonderful, generous businesses ANYWHERE. We truly do. The power of social media has allowed me to connect on a personal level with some really amazing people and businesses and I am so grateful for the relationships that I’ve been fortunate enough to develop through Facebook and Twitter. So I began asking around via Facebook and Twitter to see if there were any other businesses that would like to connect with me for this project. And as you’ll see as you read more below – their hearts were open wide.

My friends….I give you:


Danielle Lynn Photography



Ottawa Photographer



So friends, please don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to nominate your own Mom, or another amazing Mom in your life. I know you know someone – we all do!! Just send in a short paragraph or two explaining WHY you think she is Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom. Please email all nominations to:

Please be sure to have all of your nominations in no later than WEDNESDAY MAY 4TH AT NOON. At this time the winner will be decided by me, and announced via the Danielle Lynn Photography blog on FRIDAY MAY 6th. Just in time for Mother’s Day!


Want to help spread the word? I’d be forever grateful if you would! 😉

If you are on Twitter, please copy and past the following Tweet:Help @DLPhotography find #Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom

If you are on Facebook, please copy this line into your status update: Help @Danielle Lynn Photography find Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom by visiting her blog and sending your nominations!


Want to know more about the AMAZING companies who’ve contributed to Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom? Visit them here:


The fine print:

~ You may not nominate yourself.

~ Nominee must not have won any type of contest or giveaway with Danielle Lynn Photography in the past.

~ Nominee must live in the Ottawa area.

~ Prizes have no cash value and cannot be substituted.

~Winner of Ottawa’s Most Inspirational Mom Giveaway must adhere to all standard policies and procedures of each respective company.