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Ottawa Photographer: A New Addition!

I recently welcomed a brand new addition to the Danielle Lynn Photography family – a 100mm 2.8 L Series Macro lens! One of the big reasons for this new major addition was because I have found that I’m not shooting much for myself lately and that needs to change. As much as I adore every single second of my work with clients, photography is also a hobby of mine. With this fabulous lens I’m able to explore another dimension of photography that I haven’t been. And since I don’t add to my lens collection often, this is very exciting for me! I love to be inspired and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me!

In my attempt to squeeze the last little bit of Fall left out of this year, I decided to take a little break from editing and went to the Ornamental Gardens, taking full advantage of the few flowers that remained. For whatever reason the bees seemed to really love these orange flowers. There weren’t many, but despite my paralyzing fear of bees I decided to follow one particular little bee around to see how close I could get. Anything for the love of my art, right? 😉 I actually have lots more images that I took on this day, but will post them through out the winter. 🙂

Happy Friday!