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Carole and Diva! ~ Ottawa Dog Photographer

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”- Roger Caras

There’s something so beautiful about the connection that a dog and its owner can share. And this is what I love about Pet Photography. How often do owners think about capturing this connection? These beautiful relationships that we often hold so dear are only ours for a few short years. I hope that more people will consider just HOW important it is to document these relationships while they can. I know that I will always cherish the images that I have of my dogs. They are a part of our family and years after they pass, I know that I will take so much joy in sharing those photos with my grown children and grand children.

When Carole contacted me about a session with her and her Maltese/Yorkie named Diva, I was SO excited at the possibility of being able to capture these two! So we met last week for our session and it went beautifully! Sweet little Diva totally lived up to her name. She is sweet and charming but made me work by ‘tail’ off to get her attention! But after lots of treats, praise and a little bit of coaxing, we ended up with some gorgeous images of this little Princess and her Mama. 🙂

Enjoy your sneak peek Carole and Diva!! 🙂






I Love Pugs! ~ Ottawa Pet Photographer

This is my dog Emma. And Pet Photography is something that’s relatively new to me but I LOVE it!!! There’s just this sweet innocence about dogs. They don’t ask for much. Just your love…and food. 🙂

Pugs are AMAZING dogs. I’ve always said to my husband that all of the worlds problems would be over if everyone owned a Pug. There would be no war, no anger or hate. Because how could you be angry all the time with a face like this staring back at you every day? I know I can’t!

She is 5 years old, though looks much older as she has lots of grey already. We think it makes her look wise and distinguished though. 😉 The images just HAD to be black and white to show it off. Something with a little drama. 😉


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