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Handsome Dominik ~ Ottawa Teen Photographer

Isn’t this one handsome young man?! Dominik is Amilie’s younger brother and much like Amilie, he was SO easy to photograph!! Doesn’t he look like he could be in an ad for this Billabong T-shirt?! I totally think so! He just has that look!

Thanks again for everything Amilie, Dominik and family!

Beautiful Amilie ~ Ottawa Teen Photographer

As you probably already know if you follow me here and my Facebook fan page, I did a Teen Casting Call a couple of weeks ago as I wanted to update my portfolio with some fresh faces for 2010. And Amilie is one of the 3 teens that I chose to work with!!

I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE working with Teens. I find that they are not only so much fun, but that they normally LOVE the camera. Sometimes a little shy or self conscious at first, but by the end of the session they are always so into it and having fun just getting involved, chit-chatting, posing, coming up with ideas etc., its great and so rewarding for everyone! There’s just something so amazing about capturing this often over-looked age too. I think most parents forget that THIS is a major turning point in their child’s lives and is just as important (if not more important?) than so many other milestones! In a very short amount of time, these young adults will be off in the ‘real world’, doing real world stuff. Going to college, getting jobs, – having lives of their own. Just….growing up!! And how amazing to have images of your teen that truly reflect who they are as they approach these turning points in their lives?! Its pretty cool if I do say so myself! LOL!

Enjoy your Sneak Peek Amilie and Family!! It was a pleasure to work with you!!

The gorgeous Miss Haragwan ~ Ottawa Teen and Grad Photographer

Oh what a beautiful girl I had the pleasure to work with on Saturday!!! Doesn’t she just BEAM with beauty and personality? And she is a trooper! It was so cold here on Saturday morning, but she bravely and sweetly survived most of the session without a jacket on and with a smile on her face! Even I was freeing and I was bundled up in my warm jacket the whole time! Nothing that a post-session Tim’s hot chocolate couldn’t cure though! 😉

Thank you for the fun morning Haragwan! Enjoy your Sneak Peek girl!!