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Steve and Chrissy ~ A Beautiful Cornwall Wedding

This post has been a long time in the making! In addition to sessions, just being busy with the kids who are home for the summer has most of my free time tied up. I’ve just had zero time to get things blogged! This was a post that I know many people were anxiously waiting to see though so I really couldn’t make them wait any longer! 😉

I’ve struggled with the wording for this post. Mostly because it’s not every day that one of your best friends gets married…and I had it in my head that I wanted to say something special. The truth is though, the longer I dwelled on it, the harder it seemed to really get out what I want to say. These photos already speak a thousand words. They capture all of the love, fun and beauty of that day. They capture Chrissy and Steve’s personalities and love for one another, seen through my eyes. For the rest of their lives Steve and Chrissy will be looking at these treasured memories and will see them exactly as I did. To me, that’s pretty special and unique. It’s a secret little gift from me, hidden amongst the obvious.

Steve and Chrissy, I’m so thrilled for you. For the lives you are building together, for the new home you’ve bought together, for the family that you will no doubt raise together – for everything that’s to come in your lives as husband and wife. After having been married for almost 9 years, let me tell you that it can be a wild ride. Some days will be wonderful, some days more challenging. Life will throw you all kinds of curve balls – most you’ll never see coming. But at the end of the day, you’ll be stronger for it. Your love will grow deeper, your bond will grow stronger and your trust will be unbreakable. Never forget that there’s a silver lining in all of those hard times. During the wonderful times, never forget to revel in how lucky you are to have each other. To have found each other. To admire what you’ve created together. To laugh with (and at) each other. 😉 Because those, my friends, are the secrets to marriage. Take it from a ol’ veteran 😉

Lots of love from your friend and official family photographer for life (whether you like it or not) ;),

~ Danielle

Cornwall Wedding Photographer - the guys

the ladies - Modern Cornwall Wedding Photography

Cornwall Gold and Country Club Wedding - Danielle Lynn Photography

Cornwall Ontario weddings - Danielle Lynn Photography


Cornwall Golf and Country Club wedding - Danielle Lynn Photography


Cornwall Golf and Country Club wedding by Danielle Lynn Photography


Does this photo below look familiar? See a similar photo taken during their engagement photo session with me!

Cornwall Golf club wedding - Danielle Lynn Photography


This beautiful wedding was photographed at the Cornwall Golf and Country Club in Cornwall, Ontario. Please note that as on Ottawa Photographer, I am taking only a very small number of wedding commissions at this time. If you would like to book your engagement and wedding photos with Danielle Lynn Photography for 2014, please contact me today:

Ottawa Wedding Photography :: Mr and Mrs B!

Once again, through the awesomeness of my clients spreading the word about Danielle Lynn Photography, I was contacted by Shelley and Dan several weeks back and they were hoping to have me photograph their upcoming nuptuals at City Hall here in Ottawa. And since small, intimate weddings are the type of weddings I enjoy best, I was VERY excited to capture this very special day for them! Things went wonderfully too. We spent a bit of time down at Rockcliffe Park capturing some photos of them and of them with their wedding party. From there, we made our way downtown and enjoyed a short but sweet marriage ceremony surrounded by family and a few friends. Shelley was an absolutely glowing bride (loved her hair and LOVE her tattoos!) and Dan, who chose to wear his Ottawa Police uniform looked fantastic as well. And besides the teensy bit of traffic we all encountered on our way to the ceremony, all went perfectly as planned! 😉 Because I’m not able to post photos of a couple members of the wedding party online, I’m sharing just a few of my favorites of the Bride and Groom from the day. Enjoy!


Now, if you read this blog often, you will see that I do not typically shoot weddings. HOWEVER, as of 2012, this may be changing! So if you, or anyone you know is looking for an Ottawa Wedding Photographer, please send them my way! For the moment, the number and size of weddings I will be photographing will be very limited. So contact me today to discuss details!