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What I’m Loving Wednesdays!

What I’m Loving Wednesdays is a new weekly feature on the Danielle Lynn Photography blog! I’ve created this weekly post to share with you whatever I am loving from my week! Funny things, Quotes, Crafts, kids stuff, articles I love, cool gadgets, things I want, things that inspire me – whatever happens to be floating my boat that particular week! Will it be random? Yes. Will it be fun? DOUBLE YES. So you see that little RSS feed button up there? Click on it and subscribe to this madness. You’ll be glad you did! I promise!

First up this week is: Ryan Gosling. Have you SEEN the funny “Hey Girl…” memes being created about this delicious piece of man? No?! Well there are a few of them. Handmade Ryan Gosling being my own personal favorite. Since I consider myself someone with MANY artistic interest, Handmade Ryan Gosling is just so darn applicable to my life. 😉 I have WAY more of these hilarious memes posted to my Pinterest (which you can follow here if you don’t mind my crazy, sometimes PG-13 sense of humor!)


Umm...did it just get hot in here or is it just me? 😉


Steve Buscemi Memes. No doubt created to mock the Ryan Gosling ones but just as hilarious for different reasons…




I came across this (below) last week and it made me smile big. I always try to smile at people randomly when I’m out with my kids or whatever. Sometimes they smile back, sometimes they don’t. But it feels good anyway. 🙂 True story about an experience I once had: I worked in a nursing home in highschool. My job was to simply serve and clear plates for the residents. One evening I was finishing up my shift and one of the older ladies who often sat alone took me aside and said “Why are you always so nice to me?“. Taken aback I said to her “Oh Sadie…I’m nice to everyone here I guess…“. Sadie replied and said “You know, sometimes your smile is the only one I see all day. Thank you for always doing that. I always look forward to seeing you here.” She had no idea how much that meant to me. Several months after I stopped working at the nursing home I had just happened upon the obituaries in my local newspaper (and this was VERY random since I’d NEVER read the obituaries) and noticed that Sadie’s photo was in there. Gosh I felt sad. My heart sank. I wondered if she had anyone to smile at her in her last few days. I hope so. Because I want to believe that there are others who smile, simply for the feeling it gives them, and other people. Because you never truly know how much something as simple as that can make a difference.




Coffeeeeeee? Ya…I knew I wasn’t the only one who looked like this in the morning.



Always remember…its what’s on the inside that counts!




Banana Chocolate Melts. THESE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If you click on this link you will find instructions. Please note that I will not be held responsible for any addictions or diabetic comas that result in the over-indulgence that will very likely occur as a result of eating these. So please, click with here with caution.



Bead for life. This jewellery is not only FANTASTIC but the company’s goal is to work with the women of Uganda create sustainable opportunities for them. I love this company. I love what they are doing. I love what they represent. Half of my heart will always be in Africa and for that reason I will whole heartedly support causes like this that provide skills and pride to women who so deserve it.



Oh gosh….I laughed. This kind of humor is SO me.



And something I am becoming more and more aware of…yet need to remind myself of the most.



And that concludes the first installment of What I’m Loving Wednesday! What are you loving this week? What inspires you? What makes you laugh? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!