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In the fall of last year, the owner of Second Life Ethiopian Artisans, my friend Lisa, contacted me about doing a few styled photos of the products she carries in her online store. Product photography isn’t something I do a ton of, but if it’s products that I personally love or if the photos are for a friend’s business, of course the answer is a big fat YES! Lisa and I have a mutual love and connection to Ethiopia as our daughters were both born and adopted from there. When I found out that she was starting a business that encouraged and supported Ethiopian artisans, I knew I had to offer my support in any way I could.

Second Life Ethiopian Artisans Necklace 1


Second Life Bracelet 1

Whether it’s hand crafted jewelry, hand woven scarves, handbags or home items, Lisa has done a fantastic job curating a wonderful collection of items for her shop! She is always on the lookout for fresh, unique items and everything she carries would literally make the perfect gift for any occasion! Best of all, you feel great supporting a small business like this knowing that the artists are being paid fairly and have the opportunity to earn a living wage for their hard work and creativity. It’s really an all-around win-win-win situation. Guilt free shopping at it’s finest! 😉

Handwoven Scarves

Handwoven Shawl

Thank you so much for asking me to do this for you, Lisa! If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful shop, be sure to check out Second Life Ethiopian artisans on their website and on Facebook!

Ethiopian Leather Bag - Second Life Ethiopian Artisans

Hand Beaded Bracelet - Second Life Ethiopian Artisans


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