Andre, Josee and Lorence! ~ Ottawa Family Photography

When Andre contacted me about a photo session for his family, I was SUPER excited at the possibility of a family session outdoors in the winter!! Because believe it or not, this isn’t an overly popular time of year for outdoor family photos. Granted, it can get fairly cold here in Ottawa…but the thing that I don’t think a lot of people know is how BEAUTIFUL and totally FUN a winter session can be! There are SO many possibilities in terms of ‘styles’ and locations! Andre and Josee told me that they were a very active family. They enjoy being outdoors, partaking in all kinds of winter sports as a family, so a winter session was the perfect fit for them. It was a little more challenging in the sense that the snow was knee-deep in some areas, but these guys were totally prepared and were up for anything (and so was I!)…which of course made for a great time together and fabulous results!

I’m trying something new on the blog that I hope will result in some fun for the families that I’m photographing! This will apply to ALL SESSIONS going forward! The way it works is that you need scroll to the bottom and leave a comment on this post. If this post receives 25 unique comments (that’s 25 comments from different people!), they will get a free 8×10 image of their choice when they place their print order!!! So please leave them some love and help them to earn a free print! 🙂




Is she cute or what?!




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30 thoughts on “Andre, Josee and Lorence! ~ Ottawa Family Photography

  1. DaniGirl

    What a fun idea and what an adorable family! Winter shots can be so lovely — nothing like bright eyes and pink cheeks to make a cute kid even cuter!!

  2. Odette

    Super de belles photos, ils semblent tellement heureux avec leurs beaux sourires. Wow ! Les couleurs sont fantastiques avec le blanc de la neige. Quoi de plus beau??

  3. Charline

    I must say that I love all the pictures…. You have really captured the Andre,Josee and Lorence in their everyday lifestyle!! Thank you for creating wonderful memories for my son, daughter-in-law and my granddaughter!!!

  4. Sheila

    I am envious of their hardiness – I’d love to do an outdoor winter shoot. But I’d have a hard time convincing my family, I’m sure.

  5. Diane

    lovely photos Danielle. Although it’s far colder here than in Ottawa, I don’t know why more people don’t do outdoor family photos (especially in Ottawa). People miss out on some great photos — winter has such great light, not to mention the great reflective qualities of the snow, and oh the fun to be had too!

  6. Maryse

    WOW…. And to think they came home all discourge coze Lorence did not cooperate…. LOVE them ALL…. Auntie Maryse will have a hard time choosing which one she wants…. For sure we will consider a winter session the next time…..:)

  7. Janice Gauvin

    Great aunt Janice loves all the pictures espacially since I don’t see Andre, Josee and Lorence much as they live in Labrador and we live in New Brunswick. Love you All

  8. Melanie

    WOW! I never would have considered doing a winter session for my family! But these pictures are adorable! I’ll absolutely consider having winter sessions for my family in the future! Love them all!!

  9. Karey Maillet

    Stunning! Absolutely perfect idea for this family! Beautiful precious memories for your trip Josee, Andre & Lorence! xo

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