Ottawa Family Photographer :: 5 Ways to Rock your Family Session!

So you’ve booked your session with me and want to make the most of it? Great! I’m going to tell you how! Obviously, the key to any great professional photo starts with a great photographer. But it’s time to look at the other elements that turn an already great photo into a really WOW photo! Some of the best session experiences I’ve had have been with families who are excited and take a very pro-active role in planning their session. I want to encourage EVERY family to do this. It’s YOUR day and YOUR memories after all! Let’s make the most of it together!


1) Plan what to wear! No, this definitely does not mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on a new wardrobe for your family session. But it does mean putting a bit of creativity into coordinating everyone! All you needs is one or two main colours and have everyone coordinate around that. My best suggestion is jeans combined with layers in the Fall and Winter (scarves, vests, cardigans, light jackets etc.) and for Spring and Summer: dresses, skirts, khakis or jeans combined with coordinating t-shirts or button down shirts. The warm weather is the perfect time to show off some accessories too like necklaces and bracelets! Need some visual inspiration?  I’ve put together this wonderful Pinterest board that should help!



2) Location, location, location! Like clothing, location can often make the difference between a a great photo and an amazing photo! I can and will often make suggestions of Ottawa locations that I have used in the past or locations that I think will work well for your family. But I am always excited about discovering new places so please, by all means, feel free to make suggestions on somewhere new and different! Maybe it’s a park near your home, a grungy urban spot, a family property that has special meaning for you, or a beach you frequently visit. Whatever the case, I want to know about it!



3) Be sure everyone is well rested, well fed and has used the washroom. Now I know, babies and small children can be unpredictable. Heck, even teenagers can be less than enthusiastic about having their picture taken. I totally get that. But making sure everyone has had a good nights sleep, an afternoon nap and is well fed can make a huge difference in how everyone feels. Feel free to pack snacks and drinks and never hesitate to let me know if you need to take a few minutes to get everyone hydrated and re-energized during the session. I want your smiles to be genuine, and that can’t happen if everyone is tired, has an empty belly or needs to pee!


 4) Brainstorm some pose ideas and bring them along to the shoot! Of course, as your family photographer I will have lots of pose ideas. But one of the beautiful things about custom photography is that you have the unique opportunity to tell me about anything specific that you had envisioned. In the past I’ve had some families wish to replicate a photo from when they were kids. Other times I’ve had Mom tell me that she saw an image somewhere and it inspired her to want to try something similar with her own family. Whatever the case, feel free to bring me any ideas you have and we’ll work together to bring your vision to life!


5) Spend some time focusing on you. If you had been thinking about getting that mani/pedi, or treating yourself to a fresh haircut, now is the perfect time. Getting yourself in the mindset of feeling and looking your best will go a long way in how you feel during the shoot and even how you view the pictures afterward. Believe it or not, you being relaxed and happy will also help your family to feel the same! So don’t be afraid to pamper yourself a bit in the name of having the best family photos possible! You deserve it and I really want you to feel your best!


An additional tid bit that I want all of my clients to know before your family session: I am not stressed out in any way about your child’s tantrums, disagreements or lack of cooperation. This happens. As a mom of two, I completely understand that kids will not always be cooperative – especially when you need them to! Sometimes the kids need a break and that’s both normal and fine. I am happy to wait it out with you and try again after they’ve had some time to run or relax. Some of my personal favorite client images have happened as a result of the kids not even knowing I’m there. So please never stress. You never know what kind of magic can happen when you are least expecting it. 😉


To rock your own family photo session with Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! I specialize in unique, fun and candid family portraits in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding area and I’d love to hear from you! Now booking sessions for September 2012 and on.