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As I grow artistically, the thing I want my clients and image viewers to see most of all when they look at my photos is a story. Movement, connection, emotion…art. Not just a photograph, but art.


I don’t expect my clients to just think this way automatically though. We live in a world where there is a lot that demands our attention. I’m one of potentially hundreds of photographers in Ottawa. There’s the media, our families, our jobs. So much is going on. The art that I am putting out into the world makes up only one tiny portion of what people see day to day, if at all. This is why I’m grateful for my job. Amidst the chaos of every day someone, maybe you reading this right now, have stopped to take a closer look at me and what I have to share. To see and experience a session right along with my clients is such a gift. When I decided over 3 years ago that I wanted to turn my love of photography into a business, I lost many nights of sleep worrying that people wouldn’t get it. Or get me. Or see the world the way I saw it. But in almost 3 years of business, I can happily say that they do. Even on my worst days…the days I want to throw in the towel, that thought brings a smile to my face. A shy, quiet smile that often happens when I’m all alone, but important and valuable to me none the less.


The McCloskey Family and I met up in Manotick last weekend on what turned out to be a really chilly Sunday evening! Thankfully we were at a beautiful park though with some of the most gorgeous, golden evening light, so there were no complaints from me! Little Mia started out shy but eventually gave me a few smiles 😉 and baby Tierney, while still quite tiny, was absolutely adorable in her gorgeous knit bunting bag and with those beautiful blue eyes. Such a lovely little family!


Thanks so much McCloskey’s for the opportunity to capture your family exactly as you are today 🙂





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