Ottawa Family Photography :: Fun at the Park!

This time of year is the time I realize how very fortunate I am to live in the city of Ottawa. I’m sure it’s the case with most Canadian cities, but Mother Nature really enjoys job showing off here this time of year I think. The colour is one thing…but what I think I love most is the light. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, the evening light of late summer/early fall is to die for. It creates the illusion of magic, I think. So when I happen to also have a family photo session scheduled, I’m just a leeeetle bit giddy 😉

The Kennedy’s were a lot of fun to work with. With an adorable and newly mobile 12 month old and sweet and energetic 5 year old, I expected that we’d mostly end up with candid photos, but I was very happily surprised that we ended up with a good mix of both candid and posed. We ended up having a lot of fun and by the end of it, I think the kids were both exhausted. Okay, maybe I was too. 😉 A big thank you to the Kennedy Family for spending this lovely evening with me! I hope these photos are ones that your family enjoys for years to come!

Now that we are officially into fall, my schedule is almost full! If you had hoped to book fall family photos and take advantage of this gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Ottawa, contact me today!

Fall Family Photos Ottawa - Danielle Lynn Photography


Ottawa Family Photography Fall - Danielle Lynn


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