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Next month? Next year? Several years from now? Is there ever really a perfect time to have your family photos taken? If so, when?

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Because I, myself have really been slacking on making sure I have enough of images of my OWN family. Not just my kids – of my ENTIRE family. Awful of me I know. But its like that saying “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”. In the past I’ve focused so greatly on building my business and photographing other’s families and kids, that often I’ve inadvertently neglected to document my own family. I’m working on making major changes in that department.

When I hear chatter from people about whether or not to get family photos, I often hear a lot of this type of thing:

“We don’t have time this year…maybe next year…”

“Maybe when we can afford to spend more…photos are so expensive…”

“Maybe when I lose those last few pounds…”

Does this sound like you? Of course it does. Because it sounds like me as well. If truth be told, I am not comfortable in front of the camera. I never have been. At the moment I am not at my goal weight. I feel like every time I have a camera pointed in my direction I look like I’m making the Chandler Bing smile AND despite how easy I am able to make it look, my kids are super difficult to photograph. Sometimes it seems more like torture than an enjoyable experience for me. So believe me, if you have a reason for not doing this, I get where you are coming from!

But guess what? I also have a fear. I have the fear that after I am gone, my children will only have a small handful of photographs of me. I worry that when they think about me, they won’t remember me as the Mom who’s in the photos with them, but rather as the mom who took them all or worse, ducked out when a camera was pointed her way. And that is not the legacy I want to leave my family with. No matter how unhappy I could ever be with parts of my body, or how awkward it feels to be in front of the camera, I know in my heart of hearts that my kids won’t be looking back at the photos saying “Sheesh, I wish she’d have lost some weight before taking those pictures” or “I wish she had a nicer smile“. No. Because I am their Mom. And like all children, mine love me far beyond my own insecurities. And so do yours.

There is no perfect time.

It’s true. There will always be a reason not to do this. But life is uncertain. Those of you who have ever lost a loved one knows this all too well. We have no idea what’s in store for us tomorrow, or a week from now, or a year from now. There are people as young as myself being diagnosed with things like Breast Cancer. And that scares me to death. So I can’t wait. I can’t hope that the perfect time for a family photo is around the corner. The perfect time is now.

Are family photos expensive? Its an investment. And like any investment, cost is relative – its about what you VALUE. Putting off that new techie gadget or designer handbag could easily afford you an amazing set of professional quality images. What about time, you don’t have enough time for family photos this year? Set aside 2 hours. Seriously. That is the length of the average family photography session. How about your weight? Still waiting to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds? Stop stressing! Love yourself for who you are and just be the person your family loves. Because you…yes YOU are fabulous and beautiful just the way you are.


Danielle Lynn Photography


Danielle Lynn Photography


Danielle Lynn Photography

I hope this post is that little push that some of you need to take a real, honest look at some of the reasons you may have been putting off family photos. And I hope that you act on it. Book yourself a session with a professional photographer who’s work you admire. I think you’ll realize the same thing that I, myself am slowly learning – how painless it really is.

22 thoughts on “What are we waiting for? ~ Ottawa Family Photographer

  1. Justin Sperry

    The last photograph is my favorite. It’s as if the kids are saying, “EEEeeewwwwwwww, mom and dad are kissing!”

  2. PeggyW

    What a wonderful post! And so very true! I lost my mom at age 7 and there are very few photographs of me with her. What I give to have more! And, as the photographer, I am typically behind the camera instead of in the pictures, too. I am working hard to correct that at family events. It is important for my children and grandchildren. Another thing many of us do is we tend to video only the children. I have a couple of old home movies with just a glimpse of my mother and daddy in them. How I treasure those! Thanks again for this food for thought!

  3. Angela

    okay. i love these. i even skipped what you wrote ( sorry;), i went back ) to get to these images of you guys!
    i am a huge fan of regular family portraits. especially when you are the primary photographer. i have not managed to take any as gorgeous as these;), but we have enough that the kids will enjoy them a long time from now.

    so glad you put this out there:)))

  4. Renee'

    I feel the exact same way. I’m so awkward in front of the camera, I hate getting my picture taken, and everyone who knows me is well aware of this. But I recently realized something was missing from all of my snapshots. Me! I really sat and thought about this. I want to be able to look back and remember what I looked like in my 20’s. More importantly, I don’t want my son to look back at his childhood photos and wonder, ‘Where the heck is my mom?’ God forbid something should happen to me, I want him to have pictures to remember me by. Well said Danielle. (And your little family is just too cute for words!)

  5. Johanne

    Love your post and your pictures, such an adorable family……

    Your post is so true, we never take the time to take family pictures/video which we should even if we don’t like to be in front of the camera. I remember when I moved from my parent’s house I took the few pictures that my mom had not knowing that the year after I would lose them all in a fire. You never know what life brings.

  6. Your Little Sister

    These are so cute, love them all. Send us some copies, I’ll hang one in my room. <3 xoxo

  7. Rachel Owens

    This is a great post. Definitely going to link to this! Thanks for the reminder that we all (even photographers) need to be in photos, especially with those we love.

  8. Greg

    Love the last one, too. 🙂 Thanks also to Peggy for the reminder that I need video with the whole family and not just our son.

  9. jude wood

    oh Danielle, your family is beautiful! LOVE the last photo esp! thanks for posting this. I have planned on doing a family portrait this fall, and being in photos with my children is something i need to work more on! thanks for the wonderful reminder. love to you.

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