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When as the last time you gave your professional headshot a little attention? What does it matter you may be asking? It’s just a photo, right? Well here’s something to think about…

In asking many of my headshot clients recently what it is they do with their headshots and why they need them, the response is nearly the exact same for everyone: It’s to use for their online profiles – mainly LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The trend I am noticing is that today’s professionals are becoming more and more aware of how incredibly important it is to create an amazing impression online. Since social media sites are the way many of us now attract clients, look for work, apply for work and professionally network, it’s never been more important to have an image that is going to wow people. The time to do this really is now!

With Danielle Lynn Photography, the process for updating your headshot couldn’t be more painless. I completely understand that being photographed alone isn’t exactly thrilling for most of us. 😉 But it’s important to me that you have a relaxing…and dare I say FUN experience! My goal is to photograph you in such a way that you will be able to look at the images and be proud of what you see, knowing that you are putting your best face forward to this ever-changing, fast paced digital world. Your photo is the first thing people look for and connect with. Don’t let that photo be anything other than the absolute best it can be!

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To book your business headshots with Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today via email at or via my online contact form. Let’s chat today about how we can create some professional photos that you can be proud of!

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