A Confession… ~ Ottawa Photographer

Those who know me know that I MUCH prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit to you all that I…Danielle Lynn Bernier…a professional photographer….have a horrible….no, a paralyzing fear of being on the other side of the lens. So when you are out at a session with me and you all worried about how you look, or if your hair looks okay, or if your butt looks fat….trust me…I’ve been there. I feel your pain. I will make you look FABULOUS….but I, too, have my own hang ups about how I look in pictures!

So much so that I only have a very small handful that I’ve taken of myself or that I’ve allowed others to take of me. And isn’t that horrible? One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is to make people feel awesome about themselves in front of the camera, yet here I am…not even feeling awesome about myself in front of the camera?! What gives?!

So I decided that it was time for a change. And here it is. My first attempt at getting over this paralyzing fear of having my self portrait just out there. Does this make me uncomfortable? Heck ya! But like any fear…the first step is facing it. And in order to keep conquering this fear, I hope to share more pictures of myself in the coming weeks/months/years…so stay tuned ladies and gents. 🙂

21 thoughts on “A Confession… ~ Ottawa Photographer

  1. Kathy

    Hey, I hear you about the other side of the camera. Your portrait is honest and understated. It’s lovely, keep them coming 🙂

  2. Christine

    Great shot and great idea!! We so don’t take enough shot of ourselves and our kids will miss them later in life! It’s SO important!!

  3. amy

    oh dani!
    you are so darn sweet and honest, and DARLING to look at @@@! do this more it gets easier:) xoxoxo!

  4. Aziza

    hey gorgeous! I hear ya, I have the same problem. thank you for sharing, it does make me want to join you in this conquer our fear attempt:) you are a beautiful person Danielle inside and out!

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