My Kids! ~ Ottawa Child Photographer

I have posted pictures of my kids here before but I’m not sure whether or not I formally introduced them as mine. Anyway…these are my gorgeous kids! 🙂

Yes, my family is unusual but I’m used to it. My husband and I were married young and at the age of 23 years old, we had decided to look into adoption. The thing that puzzles most people I think is that adoption was our FIRST choice. I know its a very personal one, and its certainly not for everybody, but I am so thrilled that Nick and I made this decision. We have been so fortunate to have two INCREDIBLE children who came to our family as a result of adoption (and if I have my way – maybe a 3rd some day!). And while both of them come from different countries and backgrounds (Zia almost 3 years old from Ethiopia and Isaiah 5 years old from here in Canada), they are both the perfect fit for our family and as siblings. We couldn’t have imagined building our family any other way!

STAY TUNED!! I plan to announce something very special for Ottawa adoptive parents to be able to take advantage of Danielle Lynn Photography photo sessions!!

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