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Exciting Announcement! ~ Ottawa Child Photographer

I am very excited to share with you all that Danielle Lynn Photography is now a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)!!! This is a member-based association for professional Children’s Photographers from all over the world. Some of the most talented and well respected photographers in my industry are a part of this organization. My portfolio has been reviewed and I was THRILLED and honored to find out yesterday that my work meets the standards required to be a member of this amazing association!!!

THANK YOU everyone for continuing to support me in what I do!! 😉

About ME! ~ Ottawa Photographer

Oh, the elusive self-portrait. I’ve only ever posted one once before on the blog since they kinda stress me out! I find it awkward to take and edit photos of myself. I end up being so picky that the photos end up sitting on my computer forever more. Its hard to just put yourself out there! In some ways they are therapeutic though. It forces me to step outside of my comfort zone and look myself right in the eye. Something I don’t do nearly enough of.

Here are some random facts about me. Like REALLY random. But I couldn’t just post a picture with no words, so here goes! 😉

~ I am a 27 years old. Born in the 80’s. 🙂

~ I have 2 adopted Children. ‘Z’ is 3 years old (born in 2007) and she is from Ethiopia. ‘I’ is almost 6 (born in 2005) and he was adopted as an older child from Ontario’s foster care system. My husband and I chose adoption over biological children. We both feel strongly that its love that makes you a family, not blood. You can see my insanely gorgeous kids here, here and here.

~ Before becoming a photographer I worked part time as a jail guard for 3 years.

~ I am completely self-taught in both Photography and Graphic Design. I’ve spent hours and hours (and years!) reading, researching and learning through trial and error. I know I’ve still got a long way to go but I love the process of learning new things. And I find that the times I learn best are when I’m stressed. It relaxes me to have something to focus on other than whatever is stressing me!

~ I daydream about the PERFECT session and the PERFECT poses ALL THE TIME. I’ve got this gigantic warehouse in my brain that is constantly overflowing with ideas that are just itching to get out. It just takes the right client!

~ I crop images in my head. I think its a sickness reserved for only the most insane photographers.

~ I look for the best qualities in everyone I meet and I try to help people where I can because I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around.

~ I’m secretly very shy and suffer from anxiety. I find large social situations to be super awkward and MUCH prefer small social gatherings. This is one of the reasons I will likely never be a wedding photographer.

~ I once sat beside the bass guitar player from The Cranberries on an airplane.

~ We have two Pugs. Emma and Peanut. I absolutely ADORE these animals and my dream when I retire is to open up a rescue home for abandoned or abused Pugs.

~ I love Ethiopian food. Its the one cuisine that I could literally eat every single day and never be sick of.

~ I’m addicted to Twitter! Won’t you join me?

~ My favorite move of all time is Across the Universe. And this version of “Let It Be” from the movie makes me SO emotional every time I hear it.

~ I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn make-up. I hate the way it feels on my face.

~ Eating Pork literally makes me sad – so I don’t. I love Pigs.

~ I hate the winter. I could move to California tomorrow and be completely content with never seeing another snowflake in my life!

~ I have HUGE dreams and goals for my business that would blow a person’s mind! I can’t wait until they become a reality so I can share them all with you. 🙂

Come visit me at Shopping and Sweets! ~ Ottawa Photographer

I am so pleased to share with you all that Danielle Lynn Photography will be one of the vendors/participants at the first ever Shopping and Sweets event here in Ottawa!!! Please, if you have not heard of this amazing event yet, let me tell you about it! I seriously couldn’t be more excited to be participating!

Shopping and Sweets was an idea born when creators Gwen (the fabulous entrepreneur behind Ottawa’s Nayla Natural Care) and Rebecca (the fantastic Mommy Blogger behind ‘A Little Bit of Momsense’) decided that it would be a fun idea to team up with some incredible local Ottawa businesses create to an amazing new event that combines everyone’s love for shopping and sweets around the Holidays! And as if that wasn’t cool enough already, the focus of this event is to also help out a local Ottawa charity. All proceeds from this event will be given to The Christmas Exchange. You can read more about that here and about The Christmas Exchange here.

WHEN: December 4th 2010 from 10am to 1pm

WHERE: Shenkman Arts Centre – 245 Centrum Blvd. Ottawa (Orleans), ON

WHAT: Shopping, sweets (with free coffee!) and community giving all in one!

~~Everyone is Welcome!!

Want to know more about the amazing local business that will be participating in this year’s Shopping and Sweets? You can check it out HERE! There will literally be everything from toys, to clothing to natural products for your family and of course, yours truly will be set up with some amazing products to share with you all including some beautiful samples of the prints, albums, canvases and other products that I offer! The perfect opportunity to get ALL of your holiday shopping done! Goodness knows I will be doing some of my own shopping! Did I mention how excited I am!? 😉

Of course, Danielle Lynn Photography will have an exclusive offer that will be available ONLY for this amazing event. Thinking of booking a session for yourself, or purchasing a gift for someone special? You won’t want to miss this!!


Looking forward to seeing you all there!!