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A great big happy family! ~ Ottawa Family Photographer

This lovely Family contacted me back in July to book a session in celebration of their parents (the kiddo’s grandparent’s) 40th wedding anniversary. And of course I was excited to capture some special memories for them at this exciting time! I mean, its not every day that you hear about people celebrating 40th wedding anniversaries! Definitely a perfect opportunity to update the family photos!

The weather this past weekend, unfortunately, wasn’t on our side. So this session was shot at two separate times – Saturday evening and Sunday morning. For the location, they chose a park that has special meaning to them. Cathy and Nicole (the two sisters) both decided they wanted to live in this area and raise their families to be close with each other. So with 6 adults and 4 children, we all met down at Brantwood park in Old Ottawa East and captured a few group shots as well as some candids of the kids just having a good time at the play structures. I’m not gonna lie…these 4 little cuties gave me a run for my money! But I did manage to get some lovely shots of each of them, some shots of the individual families as well a couple of great group shots of everyone.

Thank you SO much for choosing me to capture these memories for your families! And a BIG happy 40th wedding anniversary to Paul and Millie!


Brantwood park ottawa

At Brantwood Park in Ottawa Ontario


P.S. You’ll notice that a few of my more recent blog posts are getting longer…and that I’m blogging MORE images. The reason is simple – it’s cause I just really love blogging. 😉 And I especially love being able to showcase to my prospective clients more of what a whole session looks like so that they have a better idea of what they can expect. So what you’ll likely start seeing won’t be entire sessions, but usually just a larger number of my own personal favorites from each. 🙂

P.P.S. I only have a handful of session dates left for Fall 2011 sessions!! If you had been thinking about booking a session for your family, please contact me sooner rather than later to reserve your date!



Mike, Robin and sweet Mayanne ~ Ottawa Family Photographers

This past weekend I had such a fun time with this sweet family. In some of our initial conversations Robin had told me that she loved the Fall, and wanted a location that was “simple but compelling” for her family photos. So I jumped at the opportunity to suggest that we do our session at a local apple orchard…and I was thrilled that they were up for it! So we met down at Mountain Apple Orchard and had some fun. The unfortunate part is that due to a hail storm that was experienced here in August, most of the apples were damaged and what was left was almost completely picked through or was no longer on the trees. So we couldn’t do a whole lot of picking. THANKFULLY though, the orchard itself has tons of beautiful property and green space and I was able to capture some fun, natural moments with this family. Little Mayanne was just awesome too. Just a genuinely sweet, inquisitive, free-spirited little girl. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them!

Thank you SO much for choosing me to document your family Mike, Robin and Mayanne! I’m so pleased with how your images show that beautiful connection you share with your daughter – Enjoy!


To book your very own Family photography session with Ottawa’s Danielle Lynn Photography contact us today! Spaces are booking up quickly for the rest of Fall 2011 and available dates are limited!

Coolest Family Ever! ~ Ottawa Family Photographer

This is my friend Natalie’s Family. Nat happens to be the oh-so-talented photographer behind NDS Photography as well as the 3rd Ottawa photographer’s family that I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in 2011! Nat and I first met in person at last year’s Shopping and Sweets event where she came to say hello and at the same time purchased a gift certificate. I have been so grateful for Nat’s friendship ever since. Without getting all gushy on y’all, I do want to say that Nat has definitely been one of the greatest people I’ve met in a long time. She’s just one of those few people who I feel an instant connection with – and for me, it doesn’t happen very often. You couldn’t meet a more honest, kind hearted, supportive person. Thank you Nat for being such a great friend to me, and I mean that with all of my heart. You know I’ve got your back anytime, anywhere girl. 😉

*ahem* Okay, where was I? YES! Aren’t they the COOLEST family ever?! Nat put a lot of time and effort into styling this session and coordinating everyone, right down to the sun glasses. This location is one that Nat and I have been talking about shooting at for a while now, so when she mentioned that she wanted this to be the location we used for her family session I jumped at the opportunity. Our hope is to do a few more themed shoots at this location at some point in the future so watch out for that. 😉

A HUGE thank you to Tom, Nat, Xan, Gracie and Cole for choosing me to document your amazingly gorgeous and photogenic family! I had so much fun with you guys! xoxo


To book your very own Family photography session with Ottawa’s Danielle Lynn Photography contact us today! Spaces are booking up quickly for the rest of Fall 2011 and available dates are limited!