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Ottawa Family Photographer: Zoe and Amelia

Being a Family Photographer in Ottawa comes with many perks. TONS, really. 😉 One of the biggest ones is getting to meet all sorts of families. Each and every one is unique and I love coming away from a session feeling as though my clients and I made a connection. Its important for me. I really want them to be happy and to be at ease with their choice in trusting me with their family memories. As an adoptive mom, I find it a little extra exciting when I’m contacted by a fellow adoptive family for photos. Maybe because I can relate to the joy, excitement, challenges and triumphs an adoptive family goes through – it just has that extra element of emotion for me. So when Zoe and Amelia’s Mom contacted me about fall family photos for her girls, I was thrilled. The subject of Amelia’s adoption from China and my own family’s adoptions from Ethiopia and here in Ontario gave us tons to talk about. 🙂

Things I loved about this session:

~ The perfect weather we had. Not too hot and not too cool. Thanks Mother Nature.

~ Little Zoe’s boundless energy. This little girl could RUN!

~ Amelia’s quick wit and hilarious questions. At many points during the session I COMPLETELY forgot I was talking to a 4 year old.

~ Mom’s bag of props. I love when parents come prepared with bribes, props and distraction tactics. With two young children its ALWAYS appreciated!

~ Both girl’s sweet, kind nature. Amelia (who looooved the camera) was a fantastic sport and is such a wonderful, patient big sister. Sweet sibling relationships are hands down, one of my absolute favorite things to see. 🙂

Thank you SO much Jodi, for choosing me to photograph your two adorable girls. I had a lot of fun on the weekend and sincerely hope I have the opportunity to see them (and you!) again!

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Ottawa Family Photography: The Sweet-Lindsay Family

This Fall has been spectacular!! Like, ‘I-wish-we-could-have-this-weather-year-round’ kind of nice. And to go along with that, the evenings have been a photographer’s dream. Tolerable (dare I say WARM) temperatures, beautiful glowy light – I couldn’t ask for a better shooting conditions. I’m also so grateful to be as busy as I have been. Its meant that I’ve been able to take full advantage of most of the good days we’ve had! HUGE shout-out to Mother Nature for being so kind to us here in Ottawa!

These lovely folks contacted me hoping for some fun, natural images to celebrate their family. Its a big year for their son Mark who is attending college for the first time this year so it was important for them that this time be documented. Some things I observed and loved about this session:

…The closeness that Mark and his sister Gracie share. It was one of the most fun, sweet, genuine bonds I’ve seen between a brother and sister in a long time. So refreshing.

…The way the golden and brown leaves glowed in the quickly setting sun. Made for some of the most beautiful light conditions ever.

…Their outfits! Everything tied together so perfectly with the natural, earthy colours.

…Their laid back, easy-going nature.

…Mark’s thick framed glasses and slight apprehensiveness. It took a little picking-on from Gracie to get him to laugh, relax and loosen up but he did fantastic.

…Gracie’s Moccasins. (A pair like that are on my wish list for this Fall!) AND Gracie’s beaming, contagious smile.

…The way the light shone in Louise’s lovely auburn hair. She instantly reminded me of Susan Sarandon.

…The playful banter between the kids and their parents when it was their turn to be in front of the camera. I could tell Grant had a hard time containing his laughter.

Thank you SO much Sweet-Lindsay family for the opportunity to spend part of my Thanksgiving long weekend with you! I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!

Ottawa Family Photographer ~ The Hinds Family

I was so happy when Jessica emailed me asking to book a session for when her family came to visit her here in Ottawa from Barbados. Its so rare (for me, anyway) to have families with older or adult children book sessions. Funny enough, I’ve actually had a record number this year and I really hope the trend continues!! Its such a nice dynamic to capture. So different from families with younger children, yet equally as special and beautiful. So thank you for trusting in me to capture your beautiful family Jessica. I hope your parents have arrived back home safely and that your new family photos will be enjoyed both near and far. 🙂

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Jessica also brought her boyfriend Rob along and hoped to have a few photos of the two of them together. I thought they turned out SO nicely! What a playful dynamic between the two of them! A totally gorgeous couple!