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Canada Agricultural Museum ~ Ottawa Photographer

My daughter loves animals. Wait…sorry…let me correct myself. She is obsessed with animals. So this morning we decided to take advantage of our membership and visit the Canada Agricultural Museum (aka The Experimental Farm) as a family. The kids were super excited as this is one of their most favorite museums in Ottawa to go to. The best part about the farm I think is that the kids are actually able to touch and pet the animals. For them, at any farm, this is a deal breaker. They also love the idea that every time we go back we get to see most of the same animals (and know most of them by name). There were also a few new additions to the farm that had them pretty excited! There were a number of baby cows – each around a month old. As well as a litter of baby piglets which were a huge hit and were SUPER adorable! For me personally, pigs are my favorite. My only complaint was that I wasn’t able to reach in the pen and snuggle one. Trust me…you can ask my husband…I would have if I thought I could get away with it. LOL!

Whether you live in Ottawa or were planning a visit to Ottawa, I can’t say enough great things about the Canada Agricultural Museum if you have kids to entertain, or you just like animals yourself its well worth the trip. Memberships are super reasonable too and with one membership you gain access to not only this museum, but two other Ottawa museums as well! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful museums and family friendly places to visit in the Capital.






Danielle Lynn Photography


Canada Agricultural Museum

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