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Baby Rohan Isaac :: Ottawa Birth Photography

*UPDATE: Read Alicia’s testimonial here!

I went to bed on the evening of Friday May 25th with a bit of a hunch. I was prepared for the birth of baby Rohan to happen at any time, but something about this evening specifically had me preparing my camera gear and charging my batteries in anticipation of getting the call. At approximately 1:30am I received a text from Alicia (the mama-to-be) letting me know that she was starting to have contractions. By about 4:30am on May 26th her sister had called to let me know that it was time for me to come. I flew out the door as fast as I could, drove to the Fagan home as quickly as possible, and much to my excitement, baby Rohan was born at 5:05am. And I can honestly say that even hours after his birth I had goosebumps. Alicia exuded strength, peace and confidence. Truly an inspiration. With the help of her lovely midwives Paula and Sarah from Ottawa South Midwives, she brought baby Rohan into the world in a way that was so very natural and beautiful. Just being there, watching them coach and encourage her brought a sense of peace and calmness over everyone.

I am very excited to announce that Birth Photography is something that I will be offering ongoing! I plan to take on a limited number of sessions per year and within the next week or so I will be updating the Danielle Lynn Photography website to include information about hiring me as your Ottawa birth photographer, pricing info and how to reach me to in order to discuss the possibility of having your own home or hospital birth professionally and tastefully photographed. I also plan to offer an introductory pricing for the first two clients to contact me about this opportunity so if this is something you’ve been considering, please do not wait to get in touch!

Alicia, Shane, Big Bother Elijah – it was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to photograph this amazing and monumental time in your lives. I wish you all the best as a family of four and I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family again in the future.



Ottawa Family Photographer ~ The F Family

Last Sunday evening I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful F family at Mooney’s Bay park! I am so grateful that the weather cooperated too! Even if that meant the park was buzzing with what seemed like every family in Ottawa! If you are ever looking for a place to spend a lazy (or not so lazy) Sunday afternoon, Mooney’s Bay beach is a good place to check out here in the Capital! More info about Ottawa’s beaches can be found here.

The F family were an absolute pleasure to work with. Baby A was a little serious and apprehensive at first but she came around fairly quickly with the help of her Dora toy and a bit of silliness. 😉 She just had the tiniest little face and the bluest of eyes. I’m not gonna lie…I’d have taken her home in a heartbeat. 🙂

Thanks so much to the F family for spending the evening with me on Sunday! And as always, I’m so grateful to my clients who choose me to document this time in their lives. Their genuine smiles and enthusiastic feedback on my work is what keeps me motivated to do what I do. 🙂

If this blog post receives at least 15 unique comments (that’s 15 comments from 15 different people!), this gorgeous family will earn a little surprise when they place their print order!!! So please take a moment and leave them a little love in the comment section at the bottom of this page!





Mooney's Bay Beach park












To book your very own Family photography session with Ottawa’s Danielle Lynn Photography contact us today!! Spaces are booking up quickly for Summer and Fall 2011!!

Sisters: Trillian and Dahlia ~ Ottawa Childrens Photography

I’m not gonna lie….these little beauties gave me a run during our session last Wednesday evening!! Little Dahlia was a typical little baby and was happy as a clam to just sit or crawl and let me snap away and do my thing. But I’m pretty sure Trillian was onto me! So it was simply a matter of catching her in some natural moments. And she is FAST let me tell ya!! All the more fun though! 😉

Thank you ladies for the wonderful session – and for coming all the way from New Jersey to see me! Enjoy your sneak peek!!