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Family Photographer Ottawa :: Lucas and Family!

When I was contacted a few months back by Lucas’ mommy Janice I was super excited at the possibility of capturing this family with Grandma and Grandpa involved. It’s not too often that Grandparents want to get in on the action at family sessions but these guys were in it! You could tell just from their interactions that the world simply revolved around little Lucas and that is always nice to see. As two year olds often do, he ran the show and gave us lots of smiles and laughs which obviously made for some fantastic moments captured!

With summer on the horizon I am once again very excited to be getting back into the swing of things with family photography in Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario! If you are interested in booking a family photo session in the months to come I’d love to hear from you!

Ottawa Family Photography - Lucas

Ottawa Family Photographer - Lucas and Family


Boys, boys, boys! ~ Ottawa Children’s Photographer

Don’t let these puppy dog eyes fool you!! He may be cute, but since he’s mine, I can tell you…the cuteness is the ONLY thing that saves his butt most days! 🙂

I’ve been saying for several weeks that I’ve wanted to get out and take some photos of my son but with the busyness of Summer, its taken the back burner. Yesterday the weather was perfect though, so we finally went out and did a few…and I’m so glad we did! Everything turned out perfectly! The outfit I had chosen for him tied in with the location perfectly, and the location itself was the best possible place for his session to happen. He is a city boy through and through (much like ME! LOL) so we had to go somewhere urban. And I LOVE Graffiti so this was perfect!

Looking at these pictures while editing them I couldn’t believe how much this boy has changed in the one year we’ve been his parents. He’s almost unrecognizable! I’m not going to lie….adopting an older child has NOT been an easy road by any stretch of the imagination. Those who know me personally know that I have spent many sleepless nights wondering if this was how our life was meant to be and whether or not we’ve made a good decision for our family. Because as many people blindly believe – love makes everything easy and can ‘fix’ all problems in adoption. And I’ll tell you honestly, sometimes that’s not the case. We’ve had two EXTREMELY different experiences with our adoptions. Each have been a joy at times, and each have been hell at times (LOL!) but in the end this is what life has brought us. We may not have taken the ‘easy road’ when it came to adopting an older child, but in the end we know that the issues we have faced can only make us stronger parents, and a stronger family.

He’ll be starting Hip Hop dance classes in the Fall. I’m not sure the world is ready for this boy’s wild dance moves. LOL!


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