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Professional Headshots Orleans :: The Lovely Laurie

In an attempt to catch up on blogging in the past couple of days I am realizing just how many sessions I have yet to share here from months past! So many awesome family and headshot sessions blogged already and more on the way!

The lovely Laurie contacted me to update her professional headshots at the tail end of last summer and when she mentioned that she would like to do the session in Orleans, I knew just the place! The look she wanted to convey was one of professionalism but as a community volunteer she also wanted to convey her relaxed personality and approachability. This is a very common request amongst my clients and I really feel that the trend is turning towards the more relaxed, natural, true-to-you business headshot. This is music to my ears of course because headshots are one of my very favourite types of sessions and I really enjoy the fun and creativity involved in capturing the uniqueness of each individual I am fortunate enough to work with!

Thank you so much for choosing me for your professional business headshot Laurie! I wish you nothing but the best for the future and I am thrilled that you love your images!

Orleans Professional Headshots - Danielle Lynn Photography


With spring only a few short weeks away, now is the PERFECT time to book your headshot session with Ottawa Orleans Headshot Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography! Put your best face forward for 2014 and contact me today to reserve your date!

Ottawa Business Headshots :: Maureen in the Market

As I’m sure most of my usual readers know, the lovely Maureen is no stranger to my camera! Maureen and I have worked together many times and this is the third she has come to me in the past 5 years to update her professional headshots. As I’ve told Maureen and all of the TBBs, I can’t thank them enough (both as a group and individually) for all of the support they’ve given me over the years. Hiring me to work along side them is one thing, but also the encouragement and friendship that comes along with it has really helped me grow. I am truly so grateful for our personal and professional relationships!

Winter can be a challenging time to update your headshots. I often have clients contact me who want to, but shy away from the idea because of the cold. Now I will say, this winter has been especially dreadful temperature wise, but that didn’t stop Maureen and I from doing it anyway! Maureen was more than happy to brave the cooler temperatures for a few minutes at a time by taking her jacket on and off between shots. Indoor winter headshot sessions are a great alternative to this (and are also something I do often!), but I do really love when clients are willing to venture outside too. You can’t beat the beauty of an outdoor portrait this time of year.

Thank you so much for choosing me to update your headshots once again Maureen. As you pull the new colours and branding together for your Interior Design business I look forward to seeing them on your new website! As always, I had such a fun time and I look forward to when we have the chance to work together again!

Ottawa business headshots Maureen


Spring is almost upon us! If you are interested in updating your own professional headshot, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me today to discuss how we can use my unique style and approach to professional headshots to create a set of portraits that you can be proud of!


Give Your Headshot a Little Attention! :: Ottawa Photographer

When as the last time you gave your professional headshot a little attention? What does it matter you may be asking? It’s just a photo, right? Well here’s something to think about…

In asking many of my headshot clients recently what it is they do with their headshots and why they need them, the response is nearly the exact same for everyone: It’s to use for their online profiles – mainly LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The trend I am noticing is that today’s professionals are becoming more and more aware of how incredibly important it is to create an amazing impression online. Since social media sites are the way many of us now attract clients, look for work, apply for work and professionally network, it’s never been more important to have an image that is going to wow people. The time to do this really is now!

With Danielle Lynn Photography, the process for updating your headshot couldn’t be more painless. I completely understand that being photographed alone isn’t exactly thrilling for most of us. 😉 But it’s important to me that you have a relaxing…and dare I say FUN experience! My goal is to photograph you in such a way that you will be able to look at the images and be proud of what you see, knowing that you are putting your best face forward to this ever-changing, fast paced digital world. Your photo is the first thing people look for and connect with. Don’t let that photo be anything other than the absolute best it can be!

Headshots Tina - Danielle Lynn Photography Ottawa

To book your business headshots with Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today via email at info@daniellelynnphotography.com or via my online contact form. Let’s chat today about how we can create some professional photos that you can be proud of!

Ottawa Headshots - Danielle Lynn Photography