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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The McKay Family

What I loved so much about this session was that it was lifestyle all the way. What do I mean by “lifestyle”? Well…I gave the family a general direction on what to do, but for the most part, most of the action and interaction captured during our time together was them being themselves. When I shoot lifestyle sessions, my goal is to capture perfect imperfection. I love, love, love when a family is willing to take this approach with their family photos. It tells a story about who they are in their lives today and their relationships with one another. There’s nothing more real or awesome than that. Continue reading

Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Belair four!

My favorite thing EVER as an Ottawa Family Photographer is when I get to see clients come back to me time after time. This family is one of the first families I ever photographed professionally. They came to me via word of mouth from one of my other long-time clients. Basically I’ve been photographing them since their oldest daughter Valerie was less than a year old. I just love watching my clients grow up! It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I opened my business…but Valerie started school this year…so now I officially feel old 😉

Since the last time I photographed them there’s been a new addition to the family – the adorable baby Veronique! She’s almost a year old now and I was told she has just recently taken some of her first steps! I have a sneaking suspicion that the next time I photograph this family I’ll be chasing her down and running a little faster to get the good photos 😉

I am ALL about taking ‘series shots’ right now. I’ve noticed in most of my recent family sessions that I will often photograph a child more than once in the same pose. I am always looking for, or creating situations where I can catch them reacting in laughter to something going on around them. I think photos like this are SO much fun and I envision them on the wall of a client’s home hung side by side, either as framed prints or canvases. I think what I love so much about taking a series of photos is that they tell a story when displayed together. They show just that little bit more of a child’s personality than what one of the images may say on it’s own.

In general, I believe that this is the direction my work is headed. Rather than setting things up for photo after photo, I really want to create an experience for my clients. Pose them in a comfortable way, but really encourage them to interact with each other while I look for the genuine moments within that and capture them. I’m happy that this session turned out how I envisioned, and I look forward to seeing this technique continue to evolve with each family I have the pleasure of working with going forward 🙂

As always, a big, HUGE thank you to Luc, Maryse, Valerie and Veronique for asking me once again to photograph your beautiful family! It’s an honour and a pleasure for me to be able to watch your family and your girls grow. xo

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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Smyth Family

Something that surprised me a lot when I first entered this business was how well everyone in the photography industry gets along, even people who are local to each other. I’m not sure what I expected, really. But it’s a big community…and quite frankly it’s one with the potential for a lot of toe-stepping and not so nice competition. I’m so grateful to have had (mostly) positive experiences with other photographers. Some of my dearest friends are photographers! And one of the first photographers in Ottawa that I had the pleasure of meeting in person was Genevieve. Sweet Genevieve. With her smile (and heart) bigger than anyone’s I know and her laughter contagious, she is someone I am grateful to call a friend. She’s also the incredibly talented wedding and engagement photographer behind Fifteen-FiftyOne Photography.


Last time I had the pleasure of photographing Gen’s family at the graffiti wall (get a load of how tiny Hudson was here). They were only a family of three back then, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until they were a family of four (she may have spilled the beans to me that day that they were expecting #2!). So this was my first time photographing them as a complete family and it was a wonderful experience. In fact, this was another session where we actually spent very little time moving around from spot to spot and more time focused on documenting fun and allowing the family to create moments. I think that’s what I loved most about it.


Gen, Steve, Hudson and Avery – thank you so much for asking me again to capture your family! I had such a fun time and I sincerely hope we have the chance to do this again next year!


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