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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Bryson Family

Right now I can think of about a million reasons to complain about the cooler temperatures. Just the fact that winter is on it’s way is typically enough to put me in a big old grump. When I have super fun sessions with super fun families like this though, it becomes impossible to be anything but happy. I love that my job connects me with people like this. On days when I’m feeling yucky in my personal life (or business life for that matter!), my clients always have the ability to lift me out of that funk and to show me that there is so much to smile about.

What I love almost as much as the photography portion of what I do is the ability to experience the unique dynamic between each family I photograph. This both fascinates and inspires me. The thought also crosses my mind that maybe my time spent with each family is an opportunity I’m given to make sense of the world around me. That’s a powerful thing. I may not be a world traveler, but what I am starting to learn more and more is that there is something so wonderful to be seen in the people right here in my own city, in my own back yard. In my 3 years of business, I’ve met all kinds of people. Some incredible, others…well, not as much. But even the difficult experiences I’ve encountered have taught me to really see and appreciate the people who value what I do. They really are what make my world go ’round!
What a fantastic family this was. Truly. The girls were perfection – beautiful, sweet little souls who each warmed up to me almost instantly. They behaved exactly as you’d expect of a 4 and 6 year old – fun, silly, giggly, sometimes cranky but always a pleasure. Max and Lisa were wonderful as well. I sensed a closeness about them that seemed extra special that evening and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture it. I loved the way they loved each other and the girls. Pure magic 🙂

Thank you so much to the lovely Bryson family for trusting me to capture these memories of the four of you. You are a reminder of how wonderful it is to do what I do. 🙂

If you had been thinking about booking a Fall family photo session with Ottawa Family Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography, contact me today! Space is very limited for the remainder of the Fall 2012 season but I would love to discuss the possibilities with your family!