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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Rahim Family

How gorgeous are these guys?!

When this family contacted me I was instantly excited to work with them. With toddler age twins my expectation was that it would be a busy session. Lots of running around and and unpredictability. These two little munchkins surprised me though. They were a total treat. I believe that this was partially thanks to them having such sweet, happy personalities…and partially because I had some pretty great tricks up my sleeve for entertaining them! As this lovely family quickly found out, I am not opposed to behaving like a total dork in order to get the shots I need. In fact, it’s become sort of a specialty of mine. Many, many times I’ve had people tell me how difficult it must be to work with kids of this age. Truthfully, I find it to be the most fun part of my job. I get to be care-free and have a great time, all while putting smiles on the faces of children. How awesome is that? I don’t know too many people who get to do that for a living. Well, maybe clowns. πŸ˜‰

A big, HUGE thank you to the Rahim family. Working with your family has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I hope we have the opportunity to do this again in the future!

Ottawa Family Photographer - rahim family

Ottawa Family Photos - Danielle Lynn Photography

Tis the season for updating your own Family Photos! As Ottawa’s Award Winning Family and Child Photographer, I am excited to work with your family this year! To reserve your date with me, please contact me via my website or at info@daniellelynnphotography.com and we’ll set up an appointment!


Ottawa Family & Newborn Photographer :: Baby Nikola

Being rocked to sleep by Mommy, cuddled by Daddy, held, kissed, loved and cherished. I just can’t imagine a more perfect way to photograph a newborn but in their natural state of sweetness. Believe it or not, there was a time in my career that I envied the photographers who could creatively pose babies in baskets, on blankets or with a wide array of fluffy hats.
I thought that was what newborn photography was and that was all it could really be. But the more time I spent with my clients, talking with them, spending time in their homes, in their lives getting to know them and what they love about the time in their lives right now, the more I realized I was wrong. For me and the clients I work with, I really feel like the most important memories are the ones they are living with their babies right now. While the posed photography creates a different type of art in and of itself (and can be SO beautiful), there is nothing as precious as this moment. And when your babies are grown, what are the type of memories you’ll want to have to look back on? I promise, they will be the ones where the love can be not only seen but also felt. That’s how I knew I had to deliver something different. Something that documented the joy and love in this newly formed family.
Baby Nikola is just such a wonderful baby. At one month old, she was alert, inquisitive and seemed so content with being held by Mommy or Daddy. What I loved most about this session (as with so many newborn sessions) is that feeling that goes along with being in the presence of new love. Ray and Joanne were simply enthralled with this little peanut. Every sound, every face, every movement was perfection. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as seeing this love through the eyes of a new parent. Baby Nikola is a lucky girl to have such kind, attentive parents and as this family continues to bloom I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with them again. If Nikola is this adorable NOW, I can only imagine what the future holds πŸ˜‰


Ottawa Newborn Photographer :: Nikola


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If you are an Ottawa area couple or family who are expecting a baby, or are interested in professional photos of your family, please contact Ottawa Family & Newborn Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography today! I am currently booking family and newborn sessions for Spring 2013 and would love to connect with your family πŸ™‚

Ottawa Family Photographer :: Six Lovely Sisters

From the moment they all piled out of Marlene’s big black Suburban at Petrie Island, I had a feeling these ladies would be trouble. πŸ˜‰ Six…yes SIX lovely sisters along with their Mom booked these family photos in celebration of Marlene (who, correct me if I’m wrong is sister number five) and her 50th birthday that happened earlier this month. What I enjoyed most about this session was that these sisters, despite their geographical distance, all seemed so close. Such beautiful relationships they clearly shared. Their laughter was contagious and so were their smiles! What I also loved about this session were the colours they chose and how it made everyone different, but still perfectly coordinated! Kudos to these beautiful ladies for choosing summery colours that photographed so wonderfully! πŸ™‚

A big, big thanks to Marlene, Eileen, Marjorie, Sandra, Marilynn, Diana and Lora-lee for choosing me to document this special visit for you! I hope these memories are ones your family will treasure for years to come!


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