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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Rahim Family

How gorgeous are these guys?!

When this family contacted me I was instantly excited to work with them. With toddler age twins my expectation was that it would be a busy session. Lots of running around and and unpredictability. These two little munchkins surprised me though. They were a total treat. I believe that this was partially thanks to them having such sweet, happy personalities…and partially because I had some pretty great tricks up my sleeve for entertaining them! As this lovely family quickly found out, I am not opposed to behaving like a total dork in order to get the shots I need. In fact, it’s become sort of a specialty of mine. Many, many times I’ve had people tell me how difficult it must be to work with kids of this age. Truthfully, I find it to be the most fun part of my job. I get to be care-free and have a great time, all while putting smiles on the faces of children. How awesome is that? I don’t know too many people who get to do that for a living. Well, maybe clowns. πŸ˜‰

A big, HUGE thank you to the Rahim family. Working with your family has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I hope we have the opportunity to do this again in the future!

Ottawa Family Photographer - rahim family

Ottawa Family Photos - Danielle Lynn Photography

Tis the season for updating your own Family Photos! As Ottawa’s Award Winning Family and Child Photographer, I am excited to work with your family this year! To reserve your date with me, please contact me via my website or at info@daniellelynnphotography.com and we’ll set up an appointment!


Ottawa Family Photographer :: More Urban Family Fun!

Last week I had a double-header session night with the family in my previous post as well as with this lovely family. Thankfully they both loved the idea of urban locations so it worked out very well and resulted a really fun, inspiring night of shooting for me! πŸ™‚

Peter, Julie and Connor were really a lot of fun to work with and such a fun, unique change to work with a teen! Most teenagers, unless they are used to being in front of the camera, can be a challenge. And if I’m being totally honest, Connor also had a bit of…apprehension πŸ˜‰ But eventually he came around and allowed me to capture some of what are my own personal favorite teen images to date. Fun, natural…and some of my absolute favorites were the candid, ‘in between’ moments that I managed to snag when he was laughing or just hanging out. What a privlege it was to photograph these folks all together. And I am grateful he took the time out of his busy teen schedule to indulge us πŸ˜‰ Since having already presented the family with their images it’s recently been reported to me that Connor loves these photos of himself. That makes me SO happy. It’s not every day a teen loves professional photos so much that they post them on Facebook you know! I’ll take that as a very big compliment πŸ˜‰

What I also love about this session was the time we took to capture a few of just Julie and Peter together. Watching their connection and capturing those laughs, kisses and sweet ‘in between’ moments were a lot of fun. I think it’s so important for couples to take the time to do this no matter how long they’ve been married or together. It’s ALWAYS a good time to celebrate your love! πŸ™‚

Peter, Julie and Connor – thank you so much guys for choosing me to capture these moments of the three of you! I’m thrilled that you love the photos and I hope you enjoy them for years to come!

To book your fall family photos with Ottawa Family Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! I’d love to meet your family and capture some fun with you!

Ottawa Family Photographer :: An Urban Family!

When I met this family for the first time last year I was super excited that Candace wanted to go with an urban location. Because….do you want to know a little secret? Urban is my FAVORITE! Don’t get me wrong…parks and other outdoor locations are lovely too. But urban offers so much variety, so much uniqueness, grunge, texture…there are so many things I love about it. This year when I spoke with Candace about a family session, I was SO happy that she wanted to go urban once again. I love that we have the same taste and vision! The results reflect what I think, is a great client/photographer collaboration and thus, awesome photos!

These guys also happen to be one of the most fun, laid-back, easy-going families ever. Little Luc took a few minutes to warm up to me again but once he did he was all smiles. And a very handsome smile he has too. For real folks…give it a few more years and move over Justin Bieber! πŸ˜‰

Thank you again Binette-Sherwood family for choosing me to photograph your wonderful family. As always, I take it as such a HUGE compliment when my clients return to me more than once for their family photos. My goal is that each and every client I work with has such a great experience that this will always be the case. πŸ™‚

To book your urban family session today with Ottawa Family Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! Let’s capture YOUR family’s memories together this Fall!