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Ottawa Family & Newborn Photographer :: Baby Nikola

Being rocked to sleep by Mommy, cuddled by Daddy, held, kissed, loved and cherished. I just can’t imagine a more perfect way to photograph a newborn but in their natural state of sweetness. Believe it or not, there was a time in my career that I envied the photographers who could creatively pose babies in baskets, on blankets or with a wide array of fluffy hats.
I thought that was what newborn photography was and that was all it could really be. But the more time I spent with my clients, talking with them, spending time in their homes, in their lives getting to know them and what they love about the time in their lives right now, the more I realized I was wrong. For me and the clients I work with, I really feel like the most important memories are the ones they are living with their babies right now. While the posed photography creates a different type of art in and of itself (and can be SO beautiful), there is nothing as precious as this moment. And when your babies are grown, what are the type of memories you’ll want to have to look back on? I promise, they will be the ones where the love can be not only seen but also felt. That’s how I knew I had to deliver something different. Something that documented the joy and love in this newly formed family.
Baby Nikola is just such a wonderful baby. At one month old, she was alert, inquisitive and seemed so content with being held by Mommy or Daddy. What I loved most about this session (as with so many newborn sessions) is that feeling that goes along with being in the presence of new love. Ray and Joanne were simply enthralled with this little peanut. Every sound, every face, every movement was perfection. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as seeing this love through the eyes of a new parent. Baby Nikola is a lucky girl to have such kind, attentive parents and as this family continues to bloom I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with them again. If Nikola is this adorable NOW, I can only imagine what the future holds 😉


Ottawa Newborn Photographer :: Nikola


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If you are an Ottawa area couple or family who are expecting a baby, or are interested in professional photos of your family, please contact Ottawa Family & Newborn Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography today! I am currently booking family and newborn sessions for Spring 2013 and would love to connect with your family 🙂

Ottawa Headshots :: Gorgeous Genevieve!

Over the next few days I’m really hoping to get caught up on blogging all of the headshot sessions I’ve been photographing! I’m not sure if it’s that spring is finally in the air or what, but I’m loving that my inbox is exploding lately with inquiries from folks wishing to update their professional headshots with me!

One of the best parts about this fun session with Genevieve was her playfulness. Since I offer such a non-traditional headshot I like to think/hope that my clients are up for something a little more ‘outside the box’ when they come to see me. Genevieve showed up to the session obviously dressed beautifully and appropriately for her line of work, but also wasn’t afraid to whip out a favorite hat and have some fun. She was such a natural. I just love when my clients trust me to make them look good. It creates that perfect mix of confidence, fun and creativity for both of us and the results are always fantastic.

Thank you Genevieve for trusting me with creating these images for you! I sincerely hope you had as much fun as I did!


Ottawa Headshots - Genevieve


If you are an Ottawa area entrepreneur, artist, blogger or business professional and are in need of an updated headshot, I can help! I offer a one-of-a-kind business portrait that reflects the true you! Let’s have a fun, relaxed time together and let’s put your best face forward for 2013! Please contact me today to get started!


A small girl with a big heart! ~ Ottawa Child Photographer

A few weeks back through the amazingness of Twitter (yes, it really is amazing, someone please remind me to dedicate an entire post on Twitter some day) I heard about an 8 year old girl named Morgan. According to Morgan’s website, she was on a mission. A mission to cut off her hair and donate it for Cancer. That’s right guys. She’s 8 years old. Oh, and not only was SHE donating her hair for Cancer, so were 15+ girls that Morgan has organized via her hockey team as well as a few other girls from the Cornwall area! This was how they chose the name “Morgan’s Mile”. The ultimate goal of this mission? For these young girls is to donate a mile of hair for Cancer.

Do you have goosebumps yet?!

So I got in touch with Morgan and her Mom via Twitter (you can follow Morgan on Twitter here) and offered to follow their journey with my camera. I thought what an amazing gift this would be to Morgan for doing something this selfless, and what a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for this cause, as well as for what Morgan is doing! I’m always looking for ways to give back within my community, especially when they are stories as awesome as this!

So I met with Morgan and her Mom this past Friday morning in Manotick. It was a cold, windy, dreary morning but we were determined to make the best of it! During our time together I noticed that Morgan is a sweet, very unassuming little girl. To meet her, you wouldn’t imaging she had big dreams of doing anything like this. I asked her whether or not she was scared to cut off all of her hair and she replied with a “YES!” but ultimately, I think Morgan really understands what this small amount of hair could mean to someone who may have lost all of theirs to something as scary as Cancer. A pretty brave kid if you ask me!!

These are a few ‘before’ pictures of Morgan with her long hair. In April I will also be following Morgan (and her 15+ friends) to have their hair cut off and will also do a few ‘after’ photos with her and (hopefully) the others as well so watch for that!!

If you would like to help Morgan reach her goal of raising $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society, please do so by clicking here. Her plan is to cut off at least 8 inches of hair, however if she reaches the $500 goal, she’ll go for a full 12 inches!!! It takes a lot of guts to cut off all of your hair guys!! Please consider helping her out with any amount that you can!! 🙂


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Charity Photography in Ottawa



Danielle Lynn Photography



Danielle Lynn Photography


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