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Ottawa Photographers :: Halloween 2011!

This Halloween my kiddos have two of (what I think) are their best costumes yet!! A Bumblebee Princess and a Motorcycle Rider! Both such random choices really. But when setting out to look for costumes this year neither us or the kids went with anything specific in mind for them. I think it was MUCH more fun this way because in the end, both kids LOVE what they are dressing up as, and neither were disappointed that they didn’t find a specific costume. I fully realize we won’t have it this easy in the coming years though. 😉 I’m thankful that for now, just the idea of dressing up as anything is good enough!

Halloween seems to happen at the perfect time of year because as my busy season is winding down a bit, it gives me a bit more time to spend focusing on some of the fun things we do with the kids and as a family. This year I actually purchased Halloween decorations for the front of our house. ALERT THE MEDIA! I never do this. Call me a stick-in-the-mud but I’ve never been one for seasonal decorations of any kind (mostly because I can’t be bothered taking them down! HA!). But this year in addition to our normal pumpkin carving, I also bought a few other things to put up at the kid’s request…and I’m glad I did. Turns out, being in the spirit isn’t nearly as bad as I thought. 😉

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!! I’d loooove if you’d head on over to the Danielle Lynn Photography Facebook page and tell me what YOU and/or your kids are dressing up as this year!!


Oh and in case you are wondering…the faces he is making in these photos are his tough Biker faces! When I asked him to show me what a tough guy face looks like, this was what I got. And I couldn’t stop laughing so I just HAD to post them. 🙂



P.S. When I took these photos we were on our way to the kids Halloween party at the Museum of Civilization and were in a bit of a hurry. This means I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of the two kids together! If I’m able to get one some time today I’ll be sure to come back and update this post!

P.P.S. This past weekend we FINALLY had the opportunity to take a few family photos! Hoping to share them all soon!