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Ottawa Photographer :: Third Place Win!!!

I am so, SO pleased and excited to share with you all that I just received news today of having placed THIRD in the international image competition for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). The image I entered was for the ‘Tween’ age category and was chosen out of potentially thousands of images that were entered.

Third place in a competition like this is mind blowing to me. Its something greater than I’ve ever achieved before. My images were considered along with the work of so many talented and well respected Child and Family Photographers from all over the world. So I’m excited. I’m surprised. And most of all I am grateful. Grateful for how wonderful 2011 has been for me. Grateful for wonderful supportive family and friends near and far who continue to support and encourage me in all areas of my life including photography. And grateful for the little push of encouragement this gives me to keep trying to achieve BIG things. It’s left me feeling more eager than ever to learn, grow and improve.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the NAPCP, the judges as well as all of you celebrating along side me this week! I have much to be thankful for. 🙂



I’m Famous! ~ Ottawa Photographer

Okay, okay…Danielle Lynn Photography is not exactly famous per se. But I was surprised to pick up the newspaper this evening to find my work in an article that was done for Kindness Week’s Extreme Makeover that I was a part of back in February. Yes, I realize that we are now in April. But better late than never, right? Anyway, its Danielle Lynn Photography’s first newspaper appearance so that’s something to get excited about!!! Congrats to the wonderful and talented designers who I was so fortunate to work with as well!!

Next stop…HOLLYWOOD!! 😉


Ottawa Photographer newspaper article

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Ten Days ~ Ottawa Photography

Next Wednesday I will be taking a trip without my children and husband, to the African country of Ethiopia. I’ve been planning this trip for more than a year now, but it was one of those things that seemed so far away for so long that I didn’t really clue in how close the trip was until about a week ago. Ten days is how long I’ll be gone. Ten days away from my home, my doggies, away from my husband, my son and my sweet Princess. She is the one I will think most about on this trip. Her sweet, gentle, emotional self who I know will ask about me several times a day and wonder where her story-reader, peanut butter-and-jelly-maker, toe-nail polisher, bed tucker-inner is. But she is the reason I am taking this trip. The information and experiences I will gain on this journey will be so valuable to her throughout her life, and I feel so honored and grateful that I am able to give this gift to her.

After much debate, I have decided that I will be bringing my 5D Mark II camera (yes, the same giant camera you see my lugging around at our sessions!). The real reason for this trip is not specifically to take photos, however, I hope, and will definitely be seeking out lots of opportunities to take some to bring back and share here!! I will be away from the office (with limited to no internet access) from January 11th to the 24th inclusive. So if you need to reach me to book a session or for any other reason, send me an email and I will reply when I return! I’ll be looking forward to finally getting back into the swing of things for 2011!! I know it’s going to be an amazing year!!