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The lovely Sandy! :: Ottawa and Orleans Headshots

When I meet with a client for a headshot session, I never really think of it as a headshot session. “Headshots” to me seem stuffy. I’ve always struggled with that. I guess because I am constantly going to such great lengths to set myself and my work apart from the sea of billions of other photographers out there, I go in to these sessions assuming that my clients have the same goal within their own industry. They want their images to reflect them. They want their personalities to shine through. They want their potential clients to connect with them as an individual and in basically every case, they come to me for something fun and non-traditional. I feel like we are moving into a period of time where connection is very important, dare I say essential. So of course a nice, professional portrait will be huge in creating that initial connection. The word headshot seems so “studio”…so “assembly line” when compared to the lifestyle type photographs I present to my clients. I am glad I am able to offer this wonderful alternative.
The lovely Sandy contacted me a little while ago to book her own portrait session. With beginning her career in real estate she wanted a set of images that reflected her. During our session in Orleans we talked a bit about her new career and the kind of connection she wanted to build with her clients. She told me that things like trust, heart and honesty are hugely important to her. She wants each and every person she deals with to feel at ease and as though she is there to help them make the best decisions about buying a home. I thought that was such a wonderful commitment to make to all of her future clients. Most notably, I could see how important this was to her by looking into her eyes as she spoke.  It made me so grateful that Sandy contacted me for this. Every session makes me feel grateful. Truly. But when I can be even a small part of helping someone start a career or pursue a dream, it’s all the sweeter.


Here’s what Sandy had to say about her experience working with me:


Danielle, Thank you for your amazing work on my head shots. I had such a blast working with you. I loved your playful ideas and you captured exactly what I was looking for. The sneak peek of pictures that I saw were fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest! Your professionalism, punctuality and easy going spirit only made the experience that much more enjoyable. I will definitely work with you again and have already recommended you to friends and colleagues. So happy we had this opportunity. Best wishes and much success.


Good luck with your exciting new career in real estate Sandy! If you are looking for a real estate agent in the Ottawa or Orleans Ontario area, please reach her at: ColeConnection.ca or sandy@coleconnection.ca. I also HAD to mention that Sandy is a very talented jewelry designer. Her little Ottawa based company Blush Beads can be found here. And I happen to know that some of her pieces would look AMAZING photographed…so if you are looking to accessorize your session, now you know who to call! 😉

If you are an Ottawa area business owner, artist, blogger or professional and are in need of a set of professional but modern business portraits, I’d love to hear from you!