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Francois and Andrea ~ Ottawa Couples Photography

Wow…that is the first word that comes to mind about these two. Just wow!!!

I had so much fun with Andrea and Francois at our Couples session last Thursday evening! The rain held out just long enough for us to complete our session at Ottawa’s Ornamental Gardens and we were all very grateful!

In case it isn’t obvious enough, these two were AMAZING in front of the camera!! I could have seriously photographed them all day long. And the thing I loved most about them was the genuine love they shared, and their beautiful, raw chemistry. When they looked at each other, they meant it. When Francois reached out his hand for her, he meant it. You could actually FEEL that they meant it. It really was so beautiful to see. Having the ability to capture people’s true connections for each other is what I love most about the type of work I do. I am so grateful that Andrea and Francois contacted me to document this time in their lives. I’m secretly hoping that they will have an engagement or a wedding in the future…so that I can (hopefully!) have the pleasure of photographing them again!! 😉

If this blog post receives 25 unique comments (that’s 25 comments from 25 different people!), Francois and Andrea will earn a free 8×10 image of their choice when they place their order!!! So please do this fabulous couple a favor and leave them some love in the comment section below!! :)


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Treat your Sweet ~ and have a heart for Haiti! ~ Ottawa Valentines Photography

I know how it goes. Having to frantically search around on February 13th trying and find something super sweet for your husband or wife for Valentines Day. I’ve been there. And it stinks. And sadly, I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of giving that lame-o box of chocolates and a card that we always end up with. BUT….this year, I’ve got some good news!! A Valentines Day special that will not only get you in the good books with your Mom/husband/wife etc. BUT is also contributing to a VERY important cause! Its a win-win for everyone!

From now until February 14th, Danielle Lynn Photography is offering Valentines Day Mini Sessions. $200 gets you a 45 minute session for two, Two 5×7 prints and One 8×10 print. And what makes this even more amazing is that $25, and ALL additional print sales from each Mini Session will be donated to Oxfam Canada to be used in sending water and aid to victims in the recent Earthquake in Haiti. That’s right. Re-read that bit if you need to. $25 of your $200 as well as the profits from EVERY print purchased through your mini session.

* Treat your Mom or daughter to a mother/daughter session!

* Celebrate an engagement!

* Surprise your husband or wife with that long over due session for just the two of you!

* Or treat yourselves, just because!

Feel good and make lives better with your Valentines Day gift this year!

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Annette and Jordan ~ Ottawa Couples Photographer

Yet again, I am thrilled to have been lucky enough to work with such sweet, gorgeous people! And what a hilarious time we had! Seriously, I think its a miracle that I was able to hold the camera steady – I was laughing so much sometimes!!

A while back I photographed their ADORABLE little girl, however, due to Miss Dains deciding to make an early appearance, we missed the opportunity to do the Maternity session! So instead, we just celebrated the love between this new Mommy and Daddy last Saturday. I hope you enjoy your (not so small) sneak peek guys – thanks for the fun morning!!



a&j outtake