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Business Headshots in Ottawa :: The Lovely Sheila

Sheila and I connected a few weeks back as she was looking to have her professional headshot updated. The one she had been using up to that point was several years old so she figured it was about time for a refresher. I always recommend that clients update their business headshot at least once every two years if at all possible. A lot can change in two years! Trends also change. At one time it was the norm to have your headshot taken against a plain, solid background. While I know that this is still necessary in some professions, the clients that are seeking me out are really starting to understand and appreciate the need for something more. Something unique. Something that allows their colleagues and potential clients to really connect with them.

I am so thrilled that you love your new headshots, Sheila, and that they show off your warm and friendly personality! I sincerely hope I will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!

If you live in the Ottawa, Gatineau or Cornwall areas and are interested in investing in your professional headshot, I’d love to connect with you too! My approach to business headshots is a relaxed, laid back one. I aim to capture the real you, your real smile and produce images that you can be proud of! If you are an entrepreneur, student, blogger, artist or any other professional, you really can’t afford not to! Information about my rates and what my sessions include can be found here.

professional headshots in ottawa - sheila

Headshots Ottawa :: Beautiful Cam

Cam contacted me not too long ago wishing to hire me for some professional business portraits. Being a student who is soon to graduate, she wanted to be sure she had some that were ready to use as soon as the need arose. Smart planning on her part if you ask me! I loved that she was on top of her game with this. Add that assertiveness to her already sweet and friendly personality and she’ll had lots of future success I’m sure!

Thanks so much for contacting me for your very first set of headshots, Cam! I’m so happy that you love them and that you feel they reflect you. That’s always my number one goal!

If you are interested in booking your very own headshot session with Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! I would love to discuss how we can create a set of modern business portraits that will help you stand out from the crowd too!

Professional headshots Ottawa - Cam

Ottawa Business Headshots :: Maureen in the Market

As I’m sure most of my usual readers know, the lovely Maureen is no stranger to my camera! Maureen and I have worked together many times and this is the third she has come to me in the past 5 years to update her professional headshots. As I’ve told Maureen and all of the TBBs, I can’t thank them enough (both as a group and individually) for all of the support they’ve given me over the years. Hiring me to work along side them is one thing, but also the encouragement and friendship that comes along with it has really helped me grow. I am truly so grateful for our personal and professional relationships!

Winter can be a challenging time to update your headshots. I often have clients contact me who want to, but shy away from the idea because of the cold. Now I will say, this winter has been especially dreadful temperature wise, but that didn’t stop Maureen and I from doing it anyway! Maureen was more than happy to brave the cooler temperatures for a few minutes at a time by taking her jacket on and off between shots. Indoor winter headshot sessions are a great alternative to this (and are also something I do often!), but I do really love when clients are willing to venture outside too. You can’t beat the beauty of an outdoor portrait this time of year.

Thank you so much for choosing me to update your headshots once again Maureen. As you pull the new colours and branding together for your Interior Design business I look forward to seeing them on your new website! As always, I had such a fun time and I look forward to when we have the chance to work together again!

Ottawa business headshots Maureen


Spring is almost upon us! If you are interested in updating your own professional headshot, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me today to discuss how we can use my unique style and approach to professional headshots to create a set of portraits that you can be proud of!