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Little Levi :: Ottawa Newborn Photograper

Oh this little guy! He’s just the sweetest!

Back in February my dear friends Chrissy and Steve welcomed their beautiful baby boy Levi into the world! The original plan was for me to drive to the hospital (about an hour outside of Ottawa) and would photograph the birth. Levi, however, had other plans and his birth happened much quicker than anyone expected. Before I could arrange to get there, it was all over!

The next morning my family and I drove out to meet him and congratulate the new parents. Even though I had missed the birth, I was happy to bring my camera along anyway and capture some moments of the three of them in the hospital. What I love about photos like this is the authenticity. I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t think of the hospital as an ideal place and time to have professional newborn photos taken, but it definitely is! You just need the right photographer to make the ordinary moments look extraordinary 😉

Thanks so much to Steve and Chrissy for having me in to capture some of these first moments with little Levi! I have a funny feeling that this won’t be the last time these three are featured here on the blog! 😉

If you are expecting a baby and are interested in having a set of newborn photos taken in-hospital, let’s get in touch! Newborns grow and change in the blink of an eye. Capturing these sweet first moments as a new family are so important and will be a treasured memory for years to come!

Ottawa Hospital Newborn Photos