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Junk in the Trunk! ~ Ottawa Photographer

Isn’t junk beautiful? There’s nothing more beautiful than junk. Or at least that’s what I think. Its so interesting. So historic. I could easily become lost in a place full of junk. Just wandering around in my own little world, admiring its flawed beauty, imagining what adventures it’s been on or what kinds of things its seen in it’s day. Sometimes I worry that this type of stuff won’t exist for my kids to enjoy. Everything today is made to be cheap and disposable. You buy something today and chances are it’ll be in a landfill in a couple of years. To me, a place like this isn’t just a junk yard, its a museum.

Danielle Lynn Photography

My good friend and fellow Photographer Christine and I embarked on an impromptu Junking expedition of Eastern Ontario last week. With the warm weather approaching in the not too distant future we wanted to stock up on props. But it turned out to be SO much more than that for the both of us. I even said to her at one point that I can’t seem to take my camera away from my face long enough to actually shop! LOL! I’m a very intentional photographer. I’m not a random shooter. I won’t just shoot for the sake of shooting and hope something good comes out of it. When it comes to shooting people, a moment has to present itself to me. I have to feel it. When it comes to shooting in situations like this, its exactly the same. I saw and felt SO many amazing opportunities on our little expedition! Junking is definitely going to be an on-going hobby of mine! It was EXACTLY the inspiration I needed going into the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons!

Oh, and did I actually end up finding props during this picture taking frenzy? YES! Some AMAZING ones. Ones that I’m crazy-excited to use this Summer. Christine and I both came away with some serious junk in the trunk. 😉


Danielle Lynn Photography

These chairs reminded me of 3 old men sitting, talking about the good old days. I bet these old guys have sat through many an interesting conversation.



Danielle Lynn Photography


Prop Shopping in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario PhotographyThis place was CHAIR HEAVEN! It was essentially the entire upper level of a barn. I was in LOVE. Also loved how it was nearly pitch dark except for the light coming through a few small windows. Gorgeous, gorgeous light.


Eastern Ontario Photography


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The 1st Annual Danielle Lynn Photography SHARE THE LOVE Giveaway!!!

I am SO SO excited to tell share this with you all. Its been so hard keeping it a secret!!!!

One of my (many!) new years resolutions this year was to really focus on giving back to my community, friends and clients. I hope to do lots of that this year, and to kick it off what I know will be an awesome year I thought, what better to do than have an awesome giveaway of something like oh…I don’t know….. a shiny new 8GB, 3rd Generation iPod Touch!!! A cool prize worth over $200!! And if you live in Canada, you qualify! Every Canuck you know: Your friends, your co-workers, your doctor, your plumber, whoever!  Send ’em on over to the Danielle Lynn Photography website’s contact section and have them enter to win!!

The details are below…and keep scrolling to see the actual iPod that is up for grabs!!!

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And here is the PRIZE!!!


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First Annual – Danielle Lynn Photography

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Brian ~ Ottawa Senior/Grad Photography

There is something so challenging yet totally awesome and rewarding to be able to really connect with teens. Especially boys. There’s nothing more mysterious than boys of this age group. So quiet, yet outspoken. So shy, yet so opinionated. And unlike a lot of girls, they don’t always feel that comfortable in front of a camera. Thankfully for me, I keep getting the most AMAZING subjects to photograph though so Brian and I were able to just sort of hang out while I snapped away. Of course having the guitar there was a big help to keep him looking so relaxed and just like himself.

I really enjoyed photographing Brian. He is a musician who is a edgy and creative so it was a must that his images reflect who he is. I wanted his images to ‘feel’ like the type of guy he is, and I’m so pleased at how his personality has come through in these.










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