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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Kirke Family

Firstly, I must apologize! I’m soooo behind on my blogging! I’m hoping to get caught up with past sessions over the next few days/week though so be sure to check back for lots more family sessions!
What a super fun time it was at the Arboretum here in Ottawa with the Kirke family! What I thought was neat was that they had visited the Arboretum prior to getting together with me for their photos and the girls had pre-scouted the area for things that they loved. They knew where all of the nice spots were, including the trees perfect for climbing! Of course, they were MORE than eager to show me what they liked and in the case of Margaret (the youngest of the two) she was MORE than happy to show me exactly how she liked to pose. 😉 It was a lot of fun, and what made it even better was the addition of their 5 month old Goldendoodle named Hugo. Hugo is definitely up there with one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever photographed!

Thanks so much Kirke family for choosing me to capture the fun on this afternoon with the four of you and Hugo! I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Ottawa Family photographer :: The Kirke Family

Ottawa Family Photographer :: Kirke Family Arboretum

If you had been thinking about booking a fall family photo session with Ottawa Family Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography – now is the time!! With only a few dates left for the remainder of the season I encourage you to contact me today to avoid disappointment!

Bambi and Dolly ~ Ottawa Pet Photography

Last weekend one of my very best friends Chrissy came to Ottawa for a visit, bringing with her the two sweetest little Chihuahuas you could ever meet! Bambi is 10 years old (who I’ve known just as long as Chrissy!) and Dolly is the newest addition – a rescue dog who was welcomed into their family some time ago.

These girls are so sweet! And its so clear how well loved and spoiled they are. Whether you are a fan of small dogs or not, you cannot deny the cuteness and super sweet personalities in these two little faces! You just can’t!!!

This will be the first of two posts from this day. I’ve taken a few of Chrissy on her own that I’ll be blogging shortly! For now, enjoy the cuteness!









I Love Pugs! ~ Ottawa Pet Photographer

This is my dog Emma. And Pet Photography is something that’s relatively new to me but I LOVE it!!! There’s just this sweet innocence about dogs. They don’t ask for much. Just your love…and food. 🙂

Pugs are AMAZING dogs. I’ve always said to my husband that all of the worlds problems would be over if everyone owned a Pug. There would be no war, no anger or hate. Because how could you be angry all the time with a face like this staring back at you every day? I know I can’t!

She is 5 years old, though looks much older as she has lots of grey already. We think it makes her look wise and distinguished though. 😉 The images just HAD to be black and white to show it off. Something with a little drama. 😉


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