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Professional Headshots Ottawa :: Dan


For all of my professional headshot sessions I typically expect to spend about 30-45 minutes with each client. This amount of time usually allows for us to walk around the location and find some different areas to shoot in. It also allows for my clients to become comfortable with me. Past experience has shown that the first 10-15 minutes of a photo session can often be the most uncomfortable for a client, and I totally get that.

Being photographed in general can feel awkward for some (myself included!) and some times it takes a few minutes to get into the groove of things. With Dan though, I couldn’t have asked for an easier, more relaxed and fun experience. He was just a natural in front of the camera and our session just breezed by! I love when things just click between myself and my subject. 🙂

Thank you Dan for the fun session and for choosing Danielle Lynn Photography to create these professional headshots for you!


Ottawa Professioanl Headshots Dan

If you are an Ottawa area professional or entrepreneur who is interested in updating your professional headshot, I’d love to hear from you! I specialize in creating a unique, relaxe, one-of-a-kind professional headshot portrait that is sure to impress potential clients and employers alike! I am currently booking for Spring 2013!


Ottawa Headshots :: Gorgeous Genevieve!

Over the next few days I’m really hoping to get caught up on blogging all of the headshot sessions I’ve been photographing! I’m not sure if it’s that spring is finally in the air or what, but I’m loving that my inbox is exploding lately with inquiries from folks wishing to update their professional headshots with me!

One of the best parts about this fun session with Genevieve was her playfulness. Since I offer such a non-traditional headshot I like to think/hope that my clients are up for something a little more ‘outside the box’ when they come to see me. Genevieve showed up to the session obviously dressed beautifully and appropriately for her line of work, but also wasn’t afraid to whip out a favorite hat and have some fun. She was such a natural. I just love when my clients trust me to make them look good. It creates that perfect mix of confidence, fun and creativity for both of us and the results are always fantastic.

Thank you Genevieve for trusting me with creating these images for you! I sincerely hope you had as much fun as I did!


Ottawa Headshots - Genevieve


If you are an Ottawa area entrepreneur, artist, blogger or business professional and are in need of an updated headshot, I can help! I offer a one-of-a-kind business portrait that reflects the true you! Let’s have a fun, relaxed time together and let’s put your best face forward for 2013! Please contact me today to get started!


A great big happy family! ~ Ottawa Family Photographer

This lovely Family contacted me back in July to book a session in celebration of their parents (the kiddo’s grandparent’s) 40th wedding anniversary. And of course I was excited to capture some special memories for them at this exciting time! I mean, its not every day that you hear about people celebrating 40th wedding anniversaries! Definitely a perfect opportunity to update the family photos!

The weather this past weekend, unfortunately, wasn’t on our side. So this session was shot at two separate times – Saturday evening and Sunday morning. For the location, they chose a park that has special meaning to them. Cathy and Nicole (the two sisters) both decided they wanted to live in this area and raise their families to be close with each other. So with 6 adults and 4 children, we all met down at Brantwood park in Old Ottawa East and captured a few group shots as well as some candids of the kids just having a good time at the play structures. I’m not gonna lie…these 4 little cuties gave me a run for my money! But I did manage to get some lovely shots of each of them, some shots of the individual families as well a couple of great group shots of everyone.

Thank you SO much for choosing me to capture these memories for your families! And a BIG happy 40th wedding anniversary to Paul and Millie!


Brantwood park ottawa

At Brantwood Park in Ottawa Ontario


P.S. You’ll notice that a few of my more recent blog posts are getting longer…and that I’m blogging MORE images. The reason is simple – it’s cause I just really love blogging. 😉 And I especially love being able to showcase to my prospective clients more of what a whole session looks like so that they have a better idea of what they can expect. So what you’ll likely start seeing won’t be entire sessions, but usually just a larger number of my own personal favorites from each. 🙂

P.P.S. I only have a handful of session dates left for Fall 2011 sessions!! If you had been thinking about booking a session for your family, please contact me sooner rather than later to reserve your date!