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Ottawa Pet Photographer ~ Peanut

My family has two dogs. The older of the two is Emma. A full-bred, loyal, sweet, super diva Pug. The younger of the two is Peanut. An extra tiny Pug/Shih-Tzu mix who is hyper, full of personality and borderline nuts. At 1.5  years old, she’s still as Puppy-ish as they come in both looks and activity level. And as a result, Peanut and I have a complicated relationship. I love her dearly….but I’m sure I could put my kids through college if I tallied up the dollar value of the things this dog has single handedly destroyed. 😉

This is the first real opportunity I’ve had to photograph Peanut. Typically when I get down to her level to take a photo I end up with a dog lunging at the camera, thinking that I must be crouching down to play. A couple of days ago I just happened to have my camera ready just before she decided to go for a nap though. I quietly approached her, sat down ever so softly on the floor in front of her and was able to snap a few photos while she was still relatively groggy. I, of course, did not have the opportunity to clean the gunk out of her eyes or bathe her in preparation for her blog debut, but this shows you the real Peanut. The true face of the little dog that brings us so much stress…err…I mean joy. 😉



I’m grateful that I did seize this opportunity. Our dogs are very much a part of our families and our every day life, yet sadly they both end up forgotten when it comes to pictures. I hope to spend more time photographing our furry family members this year. Animals are only with us for such an incredibly short time, yet they have the ability to make such an impact on our lives. I never want my kids to forget the faces and personalities of the animals who’s lives have helped shape theirs. That’s why photography is so wonderful. It allows us to never forget.





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I Love Pugs! ~ Ottawa Pet Photographer

This is my dog Emma. And Pet Photography is something that’s relatively new to me but I LOVE it!!! There’s just this sweet innocence about dogs. They don’t ask for much. Just your love…and food. 🙂

Pugs are AMAZING dogs. I’ve always said to my husband that all of the worlds problems would be over if everyone owned a Pug. There would be no war, no anger or hate. Because how could you be angry all the time with a face like this staring back at you every day? I know I can’t!

She is 5 years old, though looks much older as she has lots of grey already. We think it makes her look wise and distinguished though. 😉 The images just HAD to be black and white to show it off. Something with a little drama. 😉


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