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Ottawa Family Photographer :: A Fantastic Family of SIX!

I feel so grateful this year for having had the opportunity to photograph so many sweet, fun, wonderful families. Fall always tends to be my busiest time of year, but the one I enjoy most because of the amount of fun and silliness that tends to be had. One of my very favorite things EVER is when a family shows up, ready to have a good time. It gives me a great feeling and a big boost of confidence to know they are as excited for their session as I am. It makes me feel like anything is possible!

The Clark family were just that…and so much more. From the moment they stepped out of their van I could tell that they had been excited and planning for this for quite a while. With 4 children ages 2 through 9, I have to admit, I kind of expected tears…tantrums…the usual from kids that age. But each one of them was truly a treat. Dressed to perfection and full of smiles, happiness and so cooperative. I must remember to ask their mom Tiffany what her secret is! I suspect most of that good behaviour had something to do with the promise of hot chocolate… 😉

Stuart, Tiffany, Spencer, Lyena, Evie and sweet little Aften – your big smiles and beautiful personalities made this one of my favorite sessions ever (which is why the blog post is SO full of photos!). Thank you so much! I sincerely hope you love the photos as much as I loved taking them, and I hope we have the opportunity to meet again!

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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Belair four!

My favorite thing EVER as an Ottawa Family Photographer is when I get to see clients come back to me time after time. This family is one of the first families I ever photographed professionally. They came to me via word of mouth from one of my other long-time clients. Basically I’ve been photographing them since their oldest daughter Valerie was less than a year old. I just love watching my clients grow up! It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I opened my business…but Valerie started school this year…so now I officially feel old 😉

Since the last time I photographed them there’s been a new addition to the family – the adorable baby Veronique! She’s almost a year old now and I was told she has just recently taken some of her first steps! I have a sneaking suspicion that the next time I photograph this family I’ll be chasing her down and running a little faster to get the good photos 😉

I am ALL about taking ‘series shots’ right now. I’ve noticed in most of my recent family sessions that I will often photograph a child more than once in the same pose. I am always looking for, or creating situations where I can catch them reacting in laughter to something going on around them. I think photos like this are SO much fun and I envision them on the wall of a client’s home hung side by side, either as framed prints or canvases. I think what I love so much about taking a series of photos is that they tell a story when displayed together. They show just that little bit more of a child’s personality than what one of the images may say on it’s own.

In general, I believe that this is the direction my work is headed. Rather than setting things up for photo after photo, I really want to create an experience for my clients. Pose them in a comfortable way, but really encourage them to interact with each other while I look for the genuine moments within that and capture them. I’m happy that this session turned out how I envisioned, and I look forward to seeing this technique continue to evolve with each family I have the pleasure of working with going forward 🙂

As always, a big, HUGE thank you to Luc, Maryse, Valerie and Veronique for asking me once again to photograph your beautiful family! It’s an honour and a pleasure for me to be able to watch your family and your girls grow. xo

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Ottawa Family Photography :: The Roy Family

This lovely family contacted me as the winners of a mini photo session gift certificate that I supplied to Woodroffe Public School to help raise funds for new playground equipment. Kelly is friends with previous clients of mine so I was happy to hear I’d have the opportunity to meet them and their sweet kids Una and Finn for a fall family session! I love this time of year. Everywhere you turn are beautiful, colourful fall leaves. It makes for the most beautiful background. Una and Finn were adorable too. Una took a bit of time to warm up but once she did the smiles and her adorable little scrunched up nose were worth the wait! 🙂

A big thank you to the Roy family for the opportunity to photograph you! I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend and please stay tuned to the blog for more fall family session blog posts to come! LOTS of family sessions happening in the month of October!

To book your very own Fall family photos with Ottawa Family Photographer, Danielle Lynn Photography, please contact me today! With the holidays right around the corner and the beautiful autumn colours, you won’t want to miss out!