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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Holman Family

One of the most valuable lessons I think I’ve learned as a mom and photographer of small children: embrace the chaos. When I met with the Holman family for their session last weekend I was greeted with a less than thrilled toddler. Sweet, adorable little Charlie…he took one look in my direction and broke out in tears! And I totally get it. I’ve been there more than enough times. Kids are sometimes scared of the unknown and there’s no telling how they’ll react. And as a mom…oh gosh, if I had a dollar for every time my own kids did the exact opposite of what I wanted them to do I’d be a very rich woman 😉


I’ve learned that with small kids it’s best to let them take the lead…especially if they are nervous or apprehensive. Let them be happy and involved in something they love and document the family enjoying those things together. The result ends up telling a story…a little slice of their lives. And in this case I think it ended up working out well. Big sister Alex (who is a fantastic big sister by the way!) even found her own fun playing with her brother and enjoying the swings a bit too. 😉 What I love most about this session though is the genuine love everyone has for each other. It’s so inspiring to document that.

Thank you so much for the fun afternoon Holman Family! 🙂



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Ottawa Family Photographer :: The Shea Family

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the gorgeous Shea family at the Ornamental Gardens here in Ottawa. With two young kids, I knew it would be an energetic session and they did not let me down! The handsome Mr Levi with his bright red hair and all-boy energy and the darling, smiley Miss Kiera were a TOTAL treat to photograph. Truly. In fact some of the busiest, most hectic sessions end up resulting in some of my own personal favorite images. Maybe it’s the challenge that makes it so rewarding. 😉 Whatever the case, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family and am thrilled with the resulting images. Little Keira was FULL of some of the biggest baby smiles I’ve ever seen and although he had his own agenda, I also managed to catch a few from Levi as well. At the end of the day, I couldn’t have asked for better!


Thanks so much Shea family for choosing me to capture these images of your family! I sincerely hope I have this opportunity again and that you enjoy these hilarious memories with your kiddos for years to come!



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Ottawa Family Photographer :: Sweet Melody

I’ve always said that one of the things that’s most important to me in my business is to give back. Whether it be to my community, or just to an individual who’s circumstances and story are important to me – it was built into the plans for my business right from the get go. So when my friend Virginia Holst of Sweet Ginger Photography in Alberta emailed me about a friend who’s situation struck a chord with me, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

I met with Melody and her family recently at the Ronald McDonald House here in Ottawa. At two years old, little Melody is fighting a battle that no child should ever have to – Leukemia. Fortunately, Melody is very brave girl with two wonderful, fun, nurturing parents who, without a doubt in my mind, are the reason for her strength, happiness and bravery. The way they love her, and love each other was clear from the moment I walked in the room. That is what I loved most about this session. The love and connection between the three of them was tangible. A love like that should never go un-celebrated, or un-documented.

Melody’s giggle was contagious. More than once I found myself struggling to keep the camera steady while shooting because I was laughing right along with her. She loves Dora, dollies and the colour pink so of course I had to seize the opportunity to photograph her on her bed with a few of her toys and those fantastic balloons! I can’t take credit for all of this laughter though. Dad did a pretty good job of being a clown behind the camera to get Melody cracking up. 😉

Thank you so much Jon, Krista and Melody, for having me out to capture these photos of your amazing family. I have thought about the three of you every day since our session and will no doubt continue to think about you for the days and months to come. xoxo


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