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Ottawa Business Photos :: Natalie

What I love so much about Natalie’s headshot portraits is the level of sophistication her outfit adds to the overall look. Before the session, Natalie asked me if I had any suggestions on how she should dress. I suggested (as I do with most clients) to choose a main colour that really speaks to her and go with a neutral base (black typically works best). I also suggested that she bring along some sort of scarf or other accessory that she could wear for a few shots, just for variety sake. In this instance she went with a gorgeous, bright top and brought a multicoloured scarf that matches. She switched the jacket out for the scarf and voila! Two very different but equally chic looks, no effort and no change room required!

Natalie, opted for a session downtown amongst the hustle and bustle of our lovely city. The resulting images are professional yet youthful and contemporary. Thanks so much for choosing me to create these for you Natalie!

If you live in the Ottawa area and are looking for a professional photographer to create some modern headshots for you – look no further! For the remainder of fall and summer 2015 I am booking a select number of evening sessions. Please get in touch via my website to book your session today!

Ottawa Business Portraits :: Natalie

Professional Headshots Ottawa :: Andria

I’ve had a huge influx of inquiries for professional headshots for the month of July! It seems more and more Ottawa area creatives, students, entrepreneurs and other business professionals are choosing the more relaxed ‘lifestyle’ approach to their portraits. In addition to this making a busier spring/summer/fall season for me (YAY!)…I’m really happy to see this shift from a personal standpoint. As someone who is naturally a bit introverted, I know that when I’m searching for a company to work with or an individual to hire for something, I always love it when I can find some sort of personal connection. A warm, natural smile goes a long way in making me feel comfortable as a client or customer. So when other professionals get the importance of this, I think it can only benefit them in the long run!

The lovely Andria had such a naturally funny quirkiness to her that was impossible not to like! Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good laugh or two when I’m working. It was a pleasure to meet you Andria! I hope these images serve you well, now and in the future!

If you live in the Ottawa area and are interested in booking your own Professional Headshots, I’d love to hear from you! There couldn’t be a more perfect time to make this investment in your business, brand or career! 

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